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Yatskov; Alexander I.
Kenmore, WA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8170724 Systems and associated methods for controllably cooling computer components May 1, 2012
Computer systems and associated methods for cooling computer components are disclosed herein. One embodiment of a computer system includes a computer cabinet having an air inlet spaced apart from an air outlet. The computer system also includes heat exchangers positioned in the computer
6700070 Alignment mark for placement of guide hole March 2, 2004
The field of the manufacture of electronic components, specifically to manufacturing flexible conductive strips having contact pads thereon, wherein a first set of alignment marks are provided on a substrate. Using the first set of alignment marks, several electronic components are forme
6641406 Flexible connector for high density circuit applications November 4, 2003
The flexible connector for high density circuit applications comprises a multilayer flexible substrate upon which are formed a plurality of contact pads, in a density required by a particular application. This density may exceed two hundred contact pads per square inch. Contact pads of s
6560866 Flexible drive for connecting remote electrical contacts May 13, 2003
A connector installation device wherein a connector has a stationary connector element and another connector element that is movable along an engagement axis with the stationary connector element and mates therewith. An insertion cam is movable perpendicular to the engagement axis of the
6537083 Electrical connector assembly for printed circuit boards March 25, 2003
A connector assembly for connecting the circuit paths on a printed circuit board to another printed circuit board. A casing has a flexible electrical connector positioned under it and coupled to a plurality of electrodes. The flexible electrical connector has conductive traces thereon. T
6517361 Preset bend providing strain relief in an electric connector February 11, 2003
A preset bend resulting in a strain relief in a flexible conductor strip that interconnects relatively displaceable first and second electrical contacts that are originally relatively oriented in first spaced apart positions and moveable to second more distantly spaced apart positions.
6514088 Uniform pressure pad for electrical contacts February 4, 2003
A uniform pressure pad formed of a resilient material having a plurality of uniform pressure areas formed between a row and column array of cavities formed in the pad thickness. The cavities surrounding the pressure areas allow the resilient pad material to flow evenly thereby providing
6513403 Flexible drive rod for access to enclosed locations February 4, 2003
A flexible metallic bolt assembly including a flexible threaded rod formed of a helical tension coil spring is engaged by a rotationally fixed threaded hole, such as a nut, that defines a first longitudinal axis of the assembly. A guide positionally fixed relative to the threaded nut als
6505387 Flexible fastener January 14, 2003
A flexible fastener having a body formed from tightly coiled wire, with a head affixed to one end of the body, the other end being attached to a first structure, which may be a component of a computer system. The fastener functions by maintaining the position of a first structure adj
6500010 Electrical circuit connector with resilient pressure pads December 31, 2002
An electrical connector includes a flexible circuit substrate extending between a pair of mechanical connectors to electrically couple circuits, and a supporting member between the mechanical connectors to reduce twisting of the flexible circuit substrate. The supporting member cambered
6491543 Electrical circuit connector with tapered surface December 10, 2002
An electrical connector includes a electrical connector extending between a pair of mechanical connectors to electrically couple circuits, and a supporting member between the mechanical connectors to reduce twisting of the electrical connector. The supporting member cambered to permit th
6425777 Electrical cabinet including remote connector insertion July 30, 2002
An electrical cabinet configured to accept a number of individual circuit boards and provide a mechanism for remotely interconnecting movable connectors on each circuit board with stationary connectors mounted within the electrical cabinet. The circuit boards are grouped into a number of
6416330 Canted coil spring conductor electrical circuit connector July 9, 2002
A canted coiled spring is used as a highly conductive, high current electrode between a printed circuit board and a conductive strip connected to a selected voltage. A conductive channel member has fixed therein a coil spring made of a highly conductive, metallic material. The canted
6409538 Electrical connector assembly for use with variable thickness circuit boards June 25, 2002
A casing assembly is provided for clamping to circuit boards of various thicknesses.
6336816 Electrical circuit connector with support January 8, 2002
A method and apparatus for coupling electrical connectors to a printed circuit board. The first and second clamp member are held in an open position with electrical connectors therebetween. While in the open position, the clamp is positioned over a printed circuit board, with the fir
6302705 Electrical circuit connector with support October 16, 2001
An electrical connector includes a flexible conductor extending between a pair of mechanical connectors to electrically couple circuits. A supporting member is positioned between the mechanical connectors to reduce twisting of the flexible circuit substrate. The supporting member is

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