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Yasuho; Takeo
Osaka, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7532405 Micro lens, micro lens array, and method of manufacturing the same May 12, 2009
A micro lens includes a base material and a lens formed on the base material, wherein the lens is disposed at an opening on the base material, and the opening is formed by covering a surface of the base material with a first monolayer; and the first monolayer has critical surface ene
7161252 Module component January 9, 2007
A module includes a component, a circuit board having the component mounted thereon, a first grounding pattern formed on an outermost periphery of a surface portion of the circuit board; a first sealer provided on the circuit board and having a dimension projected on the circuit boar
7129680 Voltage step-up and step-down DC/DC converter October 31, 2006
DC/DC converter includes a voltage converting circuit connected between the input terminal and output terminal, a fast transient response circuit, a step-up and step-down operation determining circuit, a voltage comparator, and a switch control circuit.
7057558 Antenna device June 6, 2006
A small antenna has two or more feeding ports. A radiator is made of a planar conductor having a substantially circular shape having the diameter of a substantially half wavelength or a substantially regularly polygonal shape where the length of a diagonal line passes through the cen
6995630 High-frequency compound switch module and communication terminal using it February 7, 2006
A high-frequency compound switch module of this invention has a first communication system comprising a switch unit for switching connection of a signal from an antenna to one of a transmission circuit and a reception circuit of the first communication system based on a signal from a
6917258 High frequency switch July 12, 2005
A high frequency switch configured particularly with FET switches. One end of second FET switch is connected between I/O port and reception port and the other end is ground. A parallel unit of strip line and capacitor is connected between second FET switch and I/O port. This parallel uni
6856187 High frequency switch module February 15, 2005
A high frequency switch module can handle transmit-receive signals of different frequency bands and realize excellent isolation. The high frequency switch module comprises a discriminating filter, a low-band high frequency switch, and a high-band frequency switch, wherein high-band 9
6846375 Method of manufacturing multilayer ceramic wiring board and conductive paste for use January 25, 2005
The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a low-temperature sintering multilayer ceramic wiring board comprising the steps of: forming a wiring layer by printing conductive paste (4) on an unfired green sheet (1); forming a laminate by laminating, on at least one side of a
6544818 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device April 8, 2003
The method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising: forming a wiring pattern on a substrate; forming a thermosetting resin layer on the substrate; aligning and adhering a semiconductor chip to the wiring pattern for electric connection via the thermosetting resin layer; and
6372158 Conductive paste April 16, 2002
A paste of the present invention comprises a precious metal organic acid salt added to precious metal powder as a precious metal component of the conductive paste. The base metal organic acid salts are also used instead of base metal components in the inorganic binders to exclude particl

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