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Yang; Wen-Ho
Taipei County, TW
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D614322 LED bulb April 20, 2010
D614321 LED bulb April 20, 2010
8294372 Online time dimmer October 23, 2012
An online time dimmer is disclosed, which comprises a base, an electric circuit unit lodged in the base and a top cover joined with the base correspondingly. The electric circuit unit is functionally made up of a dimmer circuit and a time circuit, and structurally comprises a power s
8142058 Tri-dimming push handle switch lampholder March 27, 2012
A tri-dimming push handle switch lamp holder is disclosed, which enables a user to press the push handle for a selection among three dimming levels: full brightness, middle luminance and complete darkness, where the lamp holder is made up of a body, a first conducting member, a first
8101878 GU24 3-way dimmer knob-type switch lampholder January 24, 2012
A GU24 3-way dimmer knob-type switch lamp holder is disclosed, where the body of the lamp holder is provided with three contact plates at the two sides of its interior and on its bottom. And an insulating rotor and a rotor conducting plate therein is driven by a knob. The rotor conductin
7914307 Socket with movable lids for shielding plug holes March 29, 2011
A socket featuring movable lids for shielding plug holes is characterized by accommodating a set of movable lids: a first lid, a second lid and an elastic member in a cavity of its panel, where the first lid and the second lid are used to barricade the first notch and the second notch
7755465 Temperature control switch July 13, 2010
A temperature control switch comprises a switch casing, which contains a springy slice, where the springy slice is provided with a thermostatic bimetal strip on its bouncing end. The thermostatic bimetal strip is provided with an electric heating device, where the first end and second
7654854 Push-cord energy saving lampholder easy for the stripping of cord February 2, 2010
The present invention is to provide a push-cord energy saving lamp holder that is easy for the stripping of power cord, which comprises: a lamp holder body, having push-cord holes and nearby cord-stripped sockets at its top, and first lodging troughs and second lodging troughs in its
7607934 Instant insertion and extractable wire connector October 27, 2009
This invention is to provide an instant insertion and extractable wire connector, comprising a shell, a clip, at least two wire extracting chunks, an insert and a cover. One side of the clip is extended to form at least two separated curved segments, and an arc is located next to the
7530833 Energy saving lamp holder May 12, 2009
The present invention is to provide an energy saving lamp holder, structurally comprising a body, a set of conducting spring leaves, a set of elastic articles, an anti-backspin guide plate and a positioning plate. When installing an energy saving bulb by inserting the conducting term
7513803 Fast plugging power line connector April 7, 2009
A fast plugging power line connector includes a female body, a male body, two plugging plates, two line connecting bases and two terminal clips. The female body has a locking projection, a separating wall to divide it into two plugging grooves. The male body has a separating wall to divi
7491077 Switch lampholder February 17, 2009
The invention is to provide a switch lamp holder, which comprises: a core, having a switch control element stretched from its lateral and a set of penetrating orifices which are residing at the oblique areas of the core, and joining a hollow chamber at its one end; a cover, having a thro
7448911 Detachable lamp socket November 11, 2008
A detachable lamp socket includes a top cover, a mounting plate secured on the top cover, a housing detachably mounted on the mounting plate, a base secured in the housing, a circuit board mounted in the housing and supported by the base, and a locking rod movably mounted in the base and
7384163 Rotation knob type light-regulating lamp socket June 10, 2008
A lamp socket includes a first shell, a second shell combined with the first shell, a separation plate rested on a bottom of the first shell and the second shell, a base secured to the separation plate, an electronic unit mounted in the first shell and electrically connected to the base
7232972 Line switch able to modulate light June 19, 2007
A line switch able to modulate light includes an upper cover, a lower cover and a rotary selector positioned between the upper and the lower cover. When the rotary selector is turned clockwise, the line switch can turn on and modulate light to be half bright, and when the rotary sele
7077706 Cover for terminal screws of a receptacle July 18, 2006
A cover for terminal screws of a receptacle, which has plug holes with a positive and a negative pole connected with terminal screws with a power line, is composed of a pivotal column, a locking hook and a cover case. The pivotal column is fixed on a sidewall of the receptacle, having a
7033220 Compact fluorescent lampholder April 25, 2006
A compact fluorescent lampholder includes a cap, a shell, an electric board and a base. The cap and the shell are combined together by hooking, and the electric board is combined with the base by plural pins, and then the electric board assembled together with the base is inserted in a

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