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Yang; Wen-Ching
Export, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6942450 Differential pressure sensing system for airfoils usable in turbine engines September 13, 2005
A detection system for identifying airfoils having a cooling systems with orifices that are plugged with contaminants or with showerheads having a portion burned off. The detection system measures pressures at different locations and calculates or measures a differential pressure. The
6719952 Fluidized bed reaction design April 13, 2004
A fluidized bed reactor (10) for chemically transforming reactants to generate a desired product, having a hollow, elongated, vertically oriented reactor housing (12) for confining the reaction and an unobstructed collection path (18) below the reaction zone for funneling the residue
6440198 Cost effective moving granular bed filters for particulates and contaminants removal August 27, 2002
A moving granular bed filter for removing contaminants from a gas or vapor stream employs a quantity of granular media that is passed through a vessel while the contaminant-laden gas stream is passed through the granular media to remove at least a portion of the contaminants from the
5934064 Partial oxidation power plant with reheating and method thereof August 10, 1999
A system and method for generating power having an air compression/partial oxidation system, a turbine, and a primary combustion system. The air compression/partial oxidation system receives a first air stream and a fuel stream and produces a first partially oxidized fuel stream and a
5906094 Partial oxidation power plants and methods thereof May 25, 1999
A system and method for generating power having a partial oxidation turbine system and a primary turbine system. The partial oxidation turbine system receives a first air stream and a fuel stream and then partially oxidizes said fuel stream to produce a partially oxidized fuel stream. Th
5896738 Thermal chemical recuperation method and system for use with gas turbine systems April 27, 1999
A system and method for efficiently generating power using a gas turbine, a steam generating system (20, 22, 78) and a reformer. The gas turbine receives a reformed fuel stream (74) and an air stream and produces shaft power and exhaust. Some of the thermal energy from the turbine exhaus
5022274 High temperature particle velocity meter and associated method June 11, 1991
The high temperature particle velocity meter is comprised of a pair of spaced apart conducting portions having disposed on each of their upstream edges a first and second non-conducting portion. The bombardment of the particles on the conducting and non-conducting portions creates charge
4035152 Distribution plate for recirculating fluidized bed July 12, 1977
A distribution plate for a recirculating fluidized bed has a centrally disposed opening and a plurality of apertures adjacent the periphery to eliminate dead spots within the bed.

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