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Yang; Lin
Shenzhen, CN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D631076 LED lens January 18, 2011
D631075 LED lens January 18, 2011
D625046 LED lens October 5, 2010
D620637 LED lens July 27, 2010
8297789 Emergency exit indicator incorporating LED unit October 30, 2012
An emergency exit indicator includes a flat housing and a light source received in the housing. The housing has a length greater than a width thereof. The housing includes a panel provided with a sign thereon to indicate emergency exit. The light source includes a plurality of LEDs e
8122945 Heat dissipation device with base having fasteners February 28, 2012
A securing device includes a securing member defining a securing hole therein, and a fastener extending through the securing hole. The fastener includes a spring, and a bolt having a main portion, a bottom fixing portion, and a top head portion. The securing hole includes a large por
8050035 Heat dissipation device November 1, 2011
A heat dissipation device includes a heat sink and a cooling fan arranged thereon. The cooling fan includes a motor-stator and an impeller mounted around the motor-stator. The motor-stator is arranged on a middle of the heat sink. The heat sink includes a base and a plurality of fins
7967473 LED lamp with heat sink June 28, 2011
An LED lamp (100) includes a plurality of LED modules (20) and a thermal module (30). Each of the LED modules has a plurality of LEDs (220). The thermal module is secured to a side of the LED modules. The thermal module includes a plurality of fins (320). The fins are stacked with one
7891839 LED lamp February 22, 2011
An LED lamp (100) includes a lamp enclosure (10) and two LED modules (30). The lamp enclosure has a concave housing (11). The housing includes an elongated bottom plate (111) and two lateral plates (115) extending upwardly from two opposite lengthwise sides of the bottom plate respec
7794127 Light emitting diode having grooves to modulate light emission thereof September 14, 2010
A light emitting diode (10) includes an LED chip (14) and an encapsulant (16) enclosing the LED chip. The LED chip has a light emitting surface (141), and the encapsulant has a light output surface (161) over the light emitting surface. The light output surface defines a plurality of
7794118 Light emitting diode assembly September 14, 2010
An LED assembly (10) includes an LED (12) and a lens (16). The lens covers on an outer periphery of the LED. The LED has an encapsulant (125) and an LED chip (121) received in the encapsulant (125) and having a light emitting surface (122). The lens has a light output surface (161) over
7794111 White light illuminator and reading lamp using the same September 14, 2010
A reading lamp (100) includes a lamp holder (20), a lampshade (40), a bracket (30) connecting the lamp holder with the lampshade, and a white light illuminator (50) received in the lampshade. The white light illuminator includes a light mixer (52), and at least a group of solid-state
7746646 Securing device for assembling heat dissipation module onto electronic component June 29, 2010
A securing device (30) is used for securing a heat sink (10) to a printed circuit board (40) with a heat-generating electronic component (41) mounted thereon. The securing device includes a V-shaped elongated main body (31), a first locking leg (34), a second locking leg (332) and a
7697295 Heat sink clip April 13, 2010
A heat sink clip (30) includes an elongated resilient main body (31) with two spaced barbs (315) at a first end thereof, a first locking member (33) coupled with a second end of the main body and a moveable second locking member (32) movably coupled with the first end of the main body.
7654702 LED lamp February 2, 2010
An LED lamp (100) includes a lamp enclosure (10), a heat sink (51) and two LED modules (30). The lamp enclosure has a recess (15) and an opening (156). The heat sink is received in the recess of the lamp enclosure. The LED modules are attached to a bottom of the heat sink and oriented

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