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Yamamoto; Takemi
Nagoya, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE34454 Copying apparatus November 23, 1993
A copying apparatus including an image-illuminating device for illuminating a surface of an original having images to be reproduced, so that a light produced by the image-illuminating device is reflected by the image-bearing surface of the original. The reflected light includes rays
7955039 Method of creating booklet cover and booklet cover kit June 7, 2011
A peeling sheet on the back of a cover sheet is provided with a cover seal having a printed front surface is peeled off to partially expose an adhesive layer. A core material for cover is placed thereon. First side piece portion and second side piece portion are then peeled off and the
7770933 Printing paper August 10, 2010
A printing paper includes a sheet having a first surface and a second surface, an adhesive layer formed on the second surface, a release paper attached to the adhesive layer, a plurality of boundary lines including first folding direction boundary lines and second folding direction b
6386697 Image forming device including intermediate medium May 14, 2002
To provide an intermediate medium capable of forming an image without gloss and also to provide an image forming device including the intermediate medium. The transfer belt 11 is produced from polyimide by molding techniques using a mold having a surface roughness Rz of between 5 .mu.m
6336720 Hot melt ink and ink jet printing apparatus January 8, 2002
A hot melt ink which is applicable to an ink jet printing system where the hot melt ink is jetted out to a printing medium to form an image on the printing medium includes a binder which contains a hot melt composition; a coloring material which is dispersed in the binder; and a photo-cu
6166754 Thermal transfer type image forming device December 26, 2000
An image forming device including a plurality of image forming units each for forming an image on an intermediate transfer body using one of different colored inks. Different colored images are selectively formed in an overlapping relation on the intermediate transfer body, thereby formi
5971533 Ink cartridge and printer October 26, 1999
An ink cartridge includes a bag filled with ink and sealed. The bag is housed in a cartridge case. The bag is formed out of a laminate including a ductile film and a rigid film which are laminated together. The case has a hole, through which a hollow needle can protrude from the outside
5955237 Photosensitive recording medium exposed by three exposure wavelengths longer than 500 nm September 21, 1999
A photosensitive recording medium comprising a base material and formed thereon a photosensitive layer containing at least yellow color-forming particles containing a first photosensitive component having a maximum hardening sensitivity to light with wavelength L1, magenta color-forming
5896471 Device for inputting and outputting image data April 20, 1999
An input device including a medium support for supporting a medium; a reading unit for reading an image from the medium and for generating image data accordingly; and a movement mechanism for generating relative movement between the medium support and the reading unit.
5861877 Electric pen that functions as hand-held printer with multiple colors and adjustable print area January 19, 1999
An electric pen is used as a data input/output device with the same feel as though writing on paper with an ordinary pen. The electric pen can be used in conjunction with an external data processor, such as a compact portable electric note book. Hand written characters inputted by the el
5771420 Life detecting system for detecting the useful life of a process unit June 23, 1998
The present invention provides a life detecting system that accurately detects the end of the useful life of a process unit used in electrophotographic printers. The life detecting system comprises a RAM that stores a count of the number of driving pulses generated at an exposure uni
5765078 Image developing apparatus to prevent generation of odor and scatter of developing material June 9, 1998
The image developing part 10 is constructed from the developing agent storing part 20 storing the fluid developing agent 18 and the developing agent supplying part 22 confronting the surface of the photosensitive drum 12 via the minute opening 25. The developing agent supplying part 22
5729814 Heating roller for fixation and method for fabricating same March 17, 1998
A resistance heating element member formed with a resistor member on a polyimide film or resin sheet is fixed to the inner circumferential surface of a roller drum by blow-molding with a heat-resistant resin member. The resistor member includes a metal foil and meanders several times
5710988 Mobile data communication device January 20, 1998
When a mobile data communication device is rocked due to an input/output operation, a rotary shaft of a generator coupled with a weight is rotated, and power is generated. The generated power is stored in a capacitor. The power stored in the capacitor is controlled to constant voltage by
5408079 Article with information for retrieval and article retrieval system April 18, 1995
An article which bears information representative of a convertible value thereof is deposited by a consumer for retrieval by the manufacturer of the article. The information is represented by a bar code on the article and read by a bar-code reader. A valuable return, such as a monetary
5329848 Stamp device capable of perforating thermal stencil paper July 19, 1994
To eliminate wasteful use of thermal stencil paper and thereby provide an inexpensive stamp device, a single thermal head is employed for both the thermal recording on a reversible thermal recording sheet for confirmation of a stamp image and the thermal perforation through the thermal s
5293478 Graphical design processing apparatus for assessing and modifying design of components March 8, 1994
A graphic data processing apparatus including an input device for entering graphic data, a graphic data processing device for generating a visible pattern such as a drawing consisting of points represented by the graphic data, and lines connecting the points, and a display for displaying
5204164 Image transferred material April 20, 1993
An image transferred material is disclosed, which is produced by transferring an image layer carried on a support to a medium, wherein an interlayer is provided between the image layer and the medium.
5138364 Recording system August 11, 1992
A recording system for recording visible images on a recording medium according to source image information, including a coating device applying to the medium at least one kind of image-recording toner including a photosensitive toner, and an exposing device image-wise exposing the m
5111237 Image forming apparatus May 5, 1992
A light-and pressure-sensitive recording sheet and an original, overlapping each other, are introduced into an image forming apparatus, and are exposed to radiation on a transparent drum by means of a light source in the drum, whereupon a latent image, based on the contents of the origin
5089838 Pressure developing device February 18, 1992
In a pressure developing device employed in an imaging device like a duplicating machine, an optical printer etc., pressure force for evenly pressurizing a recording medium is capable of being varied in accordance with the width of the recording medium to be pressurized.
5067835 Printing apparatus November 26, 1991
A printing apparatus includes a feed cassette detachably loaded in a main body of the printing apparatus for containing cut sheets, a sheet feeder unit for feeding a cut sheet contained in the feed cassette to the main body of printing apparatus, a printing unit for printing on the cut s
5060011 Image recording apparatus October 22, 1991
An image recording apparatus which can provide an output visible image on an ordinary sheet. The apparatus uses a photosensitive recording medium whose surface is provided with microcapsules encapsulating therein a chromogenic material or dye precursor. Developer material particles are
5049920 Photocopying method and apparatus September 17, 1991
A photocopying system without using an intermediate film is disclosed. In this system, the photo-pressure sensitive sheet and an original are tightly overlapped on a photocopying stage. Scratching scars generated by friction therebetween can be avoided by drive means for changing a d
5047798 Thermal fixing unit having gas purification means September 10, 1991
A thermal fixing unit provided with gas purification means for use in an image recording medium. The gas purification means traps gaseous component released from a developer sheet upon heating thereof. The purification means includes a duct body disposed to surround a main frame of the
5028954 Image recording apparatus July 2, 1991
An image recording apparatus is provided which automatically controls the temperature and humidity in the region of a photosensitive recording medium. The recording medium carries the indication of its sensitivity characteristic. A detector disposed in the image recording apparatus reads
5023654 Thermal fixing device for image recording apparatus June 11, 1991
A thermal fixing device for an image forming apparatus is disclosed which comprises a heater for heating a piece of developer sheet to thermally fix and accelerate coloring of the image on the developer sheet, a sheet delivery path along which the developer sheet is delivered, a cover ca
5016042 Apparatus for recording color image using mask members May 14, 1991
An image recording apparatus records an image of an original on a photosensitive recording medium using a plurality of intermediate sheets. The image of the original includes a fine line image, such as character, symbol, and a half-tone image, such as picture. To form a latent image of
5010360 Image forming apparatus April 23, 1991
An image forming apparatus has a cathode ray tube as a light source which is controlled by a control circuit including an image signal inverting circuit for inverting a polarity of an image signal and a vertical deflecting circuit for inverting an image formed on the cathode ray tube
4999331 Photo and pressure sensitive recording medium March 12, 1991
In a photo and pressure sensitive recording medium, a layer of microcapsules is carried on a side of a substrate sheet. The side of the substrate sheet is subject to adhesion-facilitating processing.
4982224 Photosensitive medium carrying information associated with image forming conditions, and image f January 1, 1991
An image forming apparatus including an image forming device for image-wise exposing a photosensitive medium to form an image, and a reading device for reading information which is provided on the photosensitive medium and which is associated with image forming conditions in which the im
4965592 Image processing apparatus for reproducing images on projector screen and photosensitive medium October 23, 1990
An image processing apparatus, including an irradiating device for emitting an image radiation representative of an original image, a projecting device having a viewing screen which is irradiated by the image radiation from the irradiating device and which provides a view of a visible im
4959682 Copying apparatus September 25, 1990
A copying apparatus operable with an original having an image-bearing surface on which images to be reproduced are supported. A radiation reflected by the image bearing surface is focused on a photosensitive paper, by a self-focusing lens array, so that latent images corresponding to
4945374 Pressure developing device July 31, 1990
In a pressure developing device employed in an imaging device like a duplicating machine, an optical printer etc, pressure force for pressurizing a recording medium is capable of being varied in accordance with the width of the recording medium to be pressurized.A sensor for detecting th
4939528 Equipment requiring external cartridge to be assembled therein July 3, 1990
An equipment which requires an external unit to be assembled therein for starting inherent operation. The equipment includes a detection means for detecting an identification mark such as a trade mark affixed to the external unit. The equipment is only operable upon detection of a proper
4920374 Picture recording apparatus April 24, 1990
Disclosed is a method of recording a picture onto a photosensitive and pressure-sensitive paper, which comprises the steps of: forming in advance a mask original form of a film having a light-transmitting portion and a non-light-transmitting portion corresponding to information of the
4910723 Tracking servo device for optical storage disk using optical deflector element for adjusting bea March 20, 1990
A tracking servo device for changing a position on an optical storage disk, at which the storage disk is irradiated by a light beam. The servo device is responsive to a tracking error signal indicative of a deviation of the irradiated position on the disk with respect to a recording trac
4905037 Image transfer system February 27, 1990
An optical image transfer system for transferring images to a photosensitive medium, which has a light source for generating a radiation having a first wavelength, and a wavelength converter disposed in a light path between the light source and the photosensitive medium, for converti
4879579 Image recording apparatus November 7, 1989
An image recording apparatus for recording an image corresponding to image information on an original, onto a photo-sensitive recording medium by a slit scanning exposure system. A resolution controller generates a control signal representative of designated resolution of the image to be
4870444 Copying apparatus September 26, 1989
A copying apparatus operable with an original having an image-bearing surface on which images to be reproduced are supported. A radiation reflected by the image bearing surface is focused on a photosensitive paper, by a self-focusing lens array, so that latent images corresponding to
4829340 Picture forming apparatus May 9, 1989
Disclosed is a picture forming apparatus in which exposure is performed onto a photosensitive medium in accordance with picture information through a light-transmissible medium provided with dot information, the apparatus comprising selectively exposing means for performing the expos
4827356 Image recording apparatus capable of quickly discharging a recording paper May 2, 1989
When a copying error is noted after a start of copying operation, an error switch is depressed. Upon depression of the error switch, an error signal is applied to a central processing unit which in turn controls a recording sheet transporting means so that the recording sheet is transpor
4825256 Image recording device April 25, 1989
An image recording device wherein a photo-sensitive paper or a plain paper is selected as a recording medium. If a monochrom image is to be recorded, a provisional image formed with light-shield materials which corresponds to an original image to be recorded is directly transferred onto
4824220 Device for forming an image with a laser beam April 25, 1989
A device for forming an image with a laser beam is disclosed. The device comprises a laser, means for on-off modulating a laser beam, means for converting a wavelength of the laser beam generated by the laser and means for scanning the laser beam. With means for converting a wavelength o
4814808 Developing apparatus for photo/pressure sensitive sheet March 21, 1989
Disclosed is a photo-pressure sensitive recording sheet developing apparatus in which vibratory pressure generated by an ultrasonic wave generating means is applied to a photo/pressure sensitive recording sheet using microcapsules carrying a latent image formed through exposure to th
4810614 Method of recording information on photosensitive and pressure-sensitive sheet utilizing mask or March 7, 1989
Disclosed is a method of recording a picture onto a photosensitive and pressure-sensitive paper, which comprises the steps of: forming in advance a mask original form of a film having a light-transmitting portion and a non-light-transmitting portion corresponding to information of the
4806982 Imaging device February 21, 1989
In response to light reflected by a manuscript, a latent photo-image corresponding to the manuscript is formed on a photosensitive member comprising photocurable microcapsules containing therein dye precursor reactable to a color developing agent to develop a visible image. The photo
4802050 Magnetic recording medium January 31, 1989
A magnetic recording medium is disclosed wherein the data tracks are formed of magnetic layers and the non-data tracks are formed of non-magnetic layers. The data tracks and non-data tracks are alternately disposed and the non-data tracks do not effect recording/reproducing/erasing of th
4797107 Copyable blackboard January 10, 1989
A copyable blackboard has: a written member on which a picture including such as characters or figures is depicted a first carrier for carrying the written member, a light source for irradiating light to the picture on a portion of the written member located at a predetermined position o
4785316 Image recording device November 15, 1988
An image recording device wherein an image is recorded on a photo-sensitive recording medium and said image is once formed as a light-shield image before recorded on the photo-sensitive recording medium. The device comprises light-shield image forming means for forming the light-shield
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