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Yamamoto; Shinji
Yokohama, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D516245 Electric razor February 28, 2006
D407533 Main body for an electric fingernail polisher March 30, 1999
D331817 Hair cutter December 15, 1992
8274196 Control apparatus for vibration wave driven apparatus September 25, 2012
A control apparatus detects the relative position between a vibration member and a driving-member-side vibration detection portion on the basis of a signal that shows a vibrational state of the vibration member and a signal output from the driving-member-side vibration detection portion,
8064810 Image forming apparatus with image bearing member adjustment November 22, 2011
An image forming apparatus includes first and second image bearing members on which toner images are to be formed, a conveying member, and a conveying member position index detecting device for detecting a conveying member position index provided on the conveying member. The apparatu
7687974 Vibration type driving apparatus March 30, 2010
A vibration type driving apparatus includes a vibrating member configured to simultaneously generate a plurality of standing wave vibrations to cause an elliptic motion on surfaces located at nodes of the standing wave vibration, a driving unit formed on the surface located at the node
7365474 Driving system for vibrating type actuator and method of driving vibrating type actuator April 29, 2008
Provided is a driving system for a vibrating type actuator capable of simplifying a driving circuit. A vibrating body of the vibrating type actuator can generate a first mode and a second mode which are different in a vibration form, in accordance with an alternate current signal to be
6639207 Optical rotary encoder and motor control apparatus October 28, 2003
A rotary encoder includes a disk-shaped scale and sensors, each including a light emitting part and a light detecting part, for outputting an electrical signal. A light beam is emitted from the light emitting part so as to illuminate the scale with the emitted light beam and a light beam
6608426 Driving device of a vibration type actuator August 19, 2003
A vibration type activator having improved electro-mechanical energy conversion efficiency and reduced noise generation includes plural switching elements each of which is operated by a switching pulse signal generated by a drive control circuit of the motor. A drive control circuit
6376965 Driving device for vibration type actuator April 23, 2002
This invention relates to a driving device for a vibration type actuator. In this device, since the characteristics of the actuator change depending on temperature and the like, control characteristics must be optimized. This invention is designed to determine a control gain based on the
6313564 Driving apparatus for vibration type actuator apparatus November 6, 2001
A driving apparatus is provided with an evaluating device for evaluating a wear state in a friction surface between a vibration member and a movable member in a vibration type actuator apparatus.The evaluating device accurately and automatically evaluating the wear state of the friction
6229402 Driving circuit for vibration type actuator apparatus May 8, 2001
A pulse forming circuit for a vibration type actuator apparatus. This circuit forms pulses by shifting an output from a frequency dividing circuit while changing the shift amount of a time delaying circuit using a ring oscillator for shifting an output from the frequency dividing circuit
6215224 Control device for vibration type actuator April 10, 2001
The present invention relates to a control device for vibration type actuator and, particularly, to an arrangement for forming a driving signal by using a pulse signal. In the invention, a periodic pulse is formed by integral multiplying of a period of a reference pulse, analog signals o
6125545 Hair cutter October 3, 2000
A hair cutter according to the present invention includes a hair cutter body having a generally rectangular cross-section, a hair cutting portion provided at one end thereof, a comb portion having a plurality of comb plates for covering the hair cutting portion, and a comb portion holder
6100622 Driving apparatus of vibration type actuator August 8, 2000
A control apparatus for a vibration type actuator includes a first integral means for integrating a difference between a detected driving speed state of the actuator and a target speed state of the actuator, and a second integral means for integrating the integral value of the first inte
6084334 Driving apparatus for driving plurality of vibration type motors July 4, 2000
This invention relates to an apparatus for simultaneously driving a plurality of vibration type motors. The frequency of a cyclic signal at which the motors exhibit the same speed is detected from the driving characteristics obtained upon application of the cyclic signal to each moto
6054795 Driving apparatus for vibration type actuator device April 25, 2000
This invention relates to a driving apparatus for a vibration type actuator device which obtains a driving force by applying a frequency signal to an electro-mechanical energy conversion element.This invention provides, as the driving apparatus, a vibration type actuator device which cha
6049156 Apparatus provided with a vibration type motor April 11, 2000
The driving control of a vibration type motor for driving, for example e.g., the drum of a copying apparatus is controlled wherein, in a printing operation, the driving control of the motor is effected by amplitude control, and in the initial operation after the closing of a power source
5939851 Position control device August 17, 1999
A position control device for driving a movable member by a motor to a target position prevents a re-start of the motor by the vibration after stopping of the movable member. A re-start operation is forcedly inhibited during a predetermined period after a stopping operation of the movabl
5149080 Vibratory sheet feeder September 22, 1992
A vibratory feeder for sheets includes sheet conveying members for holding and conveying the sheet utilizing travelling waves, a sheet feed detection member for detecting a feed of the sheet, and a drive control circuit for applying alternating electrical signal to each of electric/mecha

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