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Yamakami; Tohru
Shinagawa, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8183464 Substrate pad structure May 22, 2012
A substrate pad structure for connecting a lead connecting portion of an electronic device to a substrate is disclosed. The substrate pad structure includes a first pad portion and a second pad portion that are arranged on the substrate at corresponding positions of two end regions o
8047875 Connector device November 1, 2011
A jack connector includes pairs of jack signal contacts and jack ground contacts arranged alternately, and a plug connector includes pairs of plug signal contacts and plug ground contacts arranged alternately. Respective contacts of each pair of jack signal contacts come into contact
7931481 Balanced transmission connector April 26, 2011
A balanced transmission connector includes an insulation block including a contact connecting part for connecting with another connector at a front part of the insulation block and connecting with a substrate at a bottom part of the insulation block, a first signal contact including an
7695289 Connector April 13, 2010
A connector includes a housing and a contact. The contact includes a first part including a first terminal part and a first connection part; a second part including a second terminal part and a second connection part, and a third part including an elastic part having a first end and a
7567087 Evaluation board and cable assembly evaluation method July 28, 2009
An evaluation board having an interconnection line pattern formed thereon is disclosed. The interconnection line pattern has a first end to be connected to a cable assembly and a second end to be connected to a measurement device measuring the transmission characteristic of the cable
7470139 Transceiver module December 30, 2008
A transceiver module for mounting to an information processing apparatus is disclosed. The transceiver module includes a housing including a cover part provided at a front side of the transceiver module, a data transmission/reception part mounted to the housing, the data transmission
7341471 Transceiver module March 11, 2008
A disclosed transceiver module includes: a body portion; a connector for external connection disposed at an end of the body portion, where a cable connector is connected thereto while the transceiver module is attached; and a pull sleeve disposed so as to surround the connector for exter
7297028 Cable connector type transceiver module November 20, 2007
A cable connector type transceiver module is disclosed. Pads for wire soldering are disposed near a card edge connecting section of the tip of a printed circuit board on the printed circuit board. Pairs of wires of a cable for balanced transmission are extended in the direction of the ca
7275962 Connector October 2, 2007
A disclosed connector includes a resin package unit assembly made of a combination of a resin package unit and an insulator block inside a shield cover assembly. The resin package unit includes a resin package portion, an element having an equalizer function inside the resin package

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