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Yamagishi; Shigekazu
Osaka, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8573779 Lighting device with plural light sources illuminating distinct regions of integrator November 5, 2013
A lighting device is provided which efficiently achieves a high brightness and a high image quality by using a solid light source which has long service life and does not need mercury. The lighting device includes a first light source section, a second light source section, a second
8292980 Dust capture device and projection type image display apparatus October 23, 2012
The present invention includes: a rolled filter stretched between first and second winding shafts and, unused part of the filter being wound around the second winding shaft; a brush provided between the first and the second winding shafts so as to come into contact with a surface of
8226244 Image display device July 24, 2012
LED modules (1R, 1G, 1B) for respectively emitting red, green and blue colors of light, illumination optical systems (2R, 2G, 2B) for guiding light from the LED modules, and a liquid crystal panel (7) for modulating the light from the LED modules guided by the illumination optical system
8172406 Powder dust capture device and projection type image display device May 8, 2012
A powder dust capture device includes a main body housing having an air intake in which a powder dust capture unit is provided, and a blowing unit for drawing air in from the air intake via the powder dust capture unit, passing the air through a predetermined area, and expelling the air
6771419 Rear projection type image display unit August 3, 2004
Color lights from image projecting sections (207) that enlarge and project images of red, green and blue, respectively, are made incident on a transparent screen at different angles of incidence, so that image synthesis is carried out. The color lights projected are converted into te
6698895 Projection image display March 2, 2004
A white light beam from a light source portion (201) is separated into respective light beams of red, green and blue by a color separation optical system (204). The respective light beams are reflected by a rotating polygon mirror (207), travel via a second optical system (210) and f
6666558 Projection image display December 23, 2003
A projection display system includes: two light sources (102, 105); a condenser (103, 106) for condensing the light from the light sources; a time-division color separating optical system (108) for temporally switching the incident light into a first, second, or third color of light
6628248 Image display apparatus and method for compensating display image of image display apparatus September 30, 2003
An image display apparatus is provided for enlarging and projecting a light emitted from a plurality of self-emitting elements on a screen by beam scanning means, which is an image display apparatus having little or no luminance unevenness by solving the conventional problem of causing
6568811 Color image display device and projection-type image display apparatus May 27, 2003
Belt-like regions illuminated by red, green and blue light beams are formed on an image display panel, and the illuminated regions are moved continuously. Each pixel of the image display panel is driven by a signal corresponding to the color of light entering the pixel. This makes it
6511184 Color image display apparatus January 28, 2003
Three colors of light beams from a light source travel via a first optical system to strike a reflecting surface of a rotating polygon mirror, or mirrors, at different angles without overlapping. The rotating polygon mirror or mirrors reflect the light beams for scanning. The reflected
6508554 Projection-type image display apparatus January 21, 2003
Red, green and blue light beams from, a light source portion travel via a first optical system and enter a reflecting surface of a rotating polygon mirror at different angles so as not to overlap each other. The rotating polygon mirror makes these light beams perform scanning when reflec
5764310 Projection type image display apparatus June 9, 1998
A projection type image display apparatus of a single plate system using a single liquid crystal panel featuring compactness, light weight and high brightness is provided. The apparatus comprises a liquid crystal unit, a first filter located on the light incident side of a first picture

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