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Yamada; Naoki
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8288018 Amino compound for organic light-emitting device and organic light-emitting device including the October 16, 2012
An amino compound for an organic light-emitting device of general formula [1]: ##STR00001## wherein X.sub.1 is bonded to the pair of fluorenyl groups at meta-positions to each other and is substituted or unsubstituted aromatic ring, fused polycyclic ring, or heterocyclic ring;
8034464 Fluorene derivative and organic electroluminescence device using the same October 11, 2011
A fluorene derivative represented by the following structural formula. An organic electroluminescence device including a pair of electrodes, and at least one layer containing an organic compound interposed between the pair of the electrodes. The at least one layer containing the organic
7952269 Organic light-emitting device May 31, 2011
An organic light-emitting device is provided which has an optical output with a high efficiency, a high luminance and a long life and which includes a pair of electrodes including an anode and a cathode, and at least one layer comprising an organic compound provided between the pair
7932592 Compound and organic light-emitting element April 26, 2011
A novel organic compound and a high-performance organic light-emitting element containing the same. The organic light-emitting element contains a novel compound represented by general formula (1): ##STR00001##
7816283 Method of depositing a higher permittivity dielectric film October 19, 2010
A method of depositing a high permittivity dielectric film on a doped silicon or silicon compound layer of a wafer. The method includes a first step of nitriding a specific element (A) such as hafnium Hf to form a nitride film (A.sub.xN.sub.y) on the silicon layer, wherein the specific
7709832 Organic compound and organic light-emitting element May 4, 2010
A fluoranthene compound has 6 fused rings. An organic light-emitting element uses the fluoranthene compound.
7709104 Aminoanthryl derivative-substituted pyrene compound and organic light-emitting device May 4, 2010
There is provided an aminoanthryl derivative-substituted pyrene compound represented by the following general formula (1). ##STR00001## The compound is useful as a compound for an organic light-emitting device exhibiting highly pure luminescent color, and an optical output with high
7655549 Method for depositing a metal gate on a high-k dielectric film February 2, 2010
A method to improve a high-k dielectric film and metal gate interface in the fabrication of a MOSFET by depositing a metal gate on a high-k dielectric, the method includes annealing a substrate with a high-k dielectric film deposited thereon in a thermal annealing module and depositi
7617309 Network system, information management server, and information management method November 10, 2009
To reduce the load on a management server in a load distributed system, a server list manager 16 of a management server 10 selects servers 4, 6, 20, and 30 to be accessed by a client terminal management server 43 by referencing an operation status or a load status of the servers 4, 6, 20
7501153 Alkoxide compound, thin film-forming material and method for forming thin film March 10, 2009
The alkoxide compound of the present invention is represented by general formula (I) below. The alkoxide compound of the present invention is an iron compound that can be delivered in a liquid state and is easily vaporized due to its high vapor pressure. The compound particularly ena
7466074 Organic light-emitting device December 16, 2008
In an organic light-emitting device which uses, in particular, a light-emitting layer material having a wide band gap, a lowering in emission intensity due to continuous driving is alleviated while maintaining a high emission efficiency. There is provided an organic light-emitting de
7389003 Image processing system and image processing method June 17, 2008
An image processing system of the present invention includes a partial enlarge unit for enlarging a part of an image so as to create an enlarged partial image, a display unit for displaying the image and the enlarged partial image created by the partial enlarge unit so that the enlarged
7335783 Thin film-forming material and method for producing thin film February 26, 2008
The thin film-forming material of the present invention comprises a bis(.beta.-diketonato)zinc compound that is liquid at C. and is suitable for forming a zinc-containing thin film. By using the thin film-forming material, a thin film can be produced with stable film-formi
7241513 Fluorene compound and organic luminescent device using the same July 10, 2007
A fluorene compound represented by the following general formula [I]: ##STR00001## is used to provide an organic luminescent device. Such a device has an optical output exhibiting a high luminance with an extremely high efficiency, and has an extremely high durability.
7232618 Organic light-emitting device June 19, 2007
An organic light-emitting device that exhibits a light emission of extremely high efficiency, high brightness, and long lifetime is provided. An organic light-emitting device includes a pair of electrodes including an anode and a cathode, and one or more layers containing an organic
7229702 Oligofluorenlylene compounds June 12, 2007
The present invention provides an oligofluorenylene compound represented by the general formula below, which enables production of an organic light-emitting device that exhibits an extremely pure luminescent hue and has a light emission of high efficiency, high brightness, and long l
7216120 Apparatus and method for collecting information from information providing server May 8, 2007
An information collection apparatus working as an agent of a plurality of client terminals for collecting information from an information providing server. A plurality of requested-item lists are stored in the requested-item list table, one for each client terminal. Each requested-it
7034454 Organic light emitting device with reverse intersystem crossing light emitting molecules April 25, 2006
There is provided an organic light emitting device to break through the limit of 25% of internal quantum efficiency and 5% of external quantum efficiency while using singlet luminescence. Specifically provided is an organic light emitting device comprising an anode, an organic layer and
6743933 Process of forming thin film and precursor for chemical vapor deposition June 1, 2004
A process of producing a strontium titanate, barium titanate or barium strontium titanate thin film by chemical vapor deposition which comprises using a titanium compound represented by formula (I): ##STR1##wherein R.sup.1 represents a hydrogen atom or a methyl group; and R.sup.2 and
6547863 Metal compound solution and thin film formation using the same April 15, 2003
A metal compound solution of a metal compound represented by formula (I): ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1, R.sub.2, and R.sub.3 are each a halogen-substituted or unsubstituted alkyl group having 1 to 8 carbon atoms which may contain an oxygen atom in its carbon chain; R.sub.4 is a straight-c
6461484 Sputtering device October 8, 2002
A sputtering device is provided in which at least one target is sputtered by sputtering discharge to produce a film of target material on at least the first surface of a substrate. The sputtering device has a principal rotating mechanism that rotates the at least one target about an axis
6117487 Process for forming metal oxide film by means of CVD system September 12, 2000
A process for forming a metal oxide film by means of a chemical vapor deposition system, which comprises using a complex of a .beta.-diketone compound and a group IV metal glycolate, the complex being represented by formula (I): ##STR1## wherein M represents a metal atom of the g
5855651 Method for processing waste gas exhausted from chemical vapor and deposition equipment January 5, 1999
A method of processing waste gas exhausted from chemical vapor deposition equipment, which entails:a) contacting a waste gas containing viscous substances with a filtering aid agent,b) passing the waste gas containing the viscous substances exhausted from the chemical vapor deposition eq
5762766 Method for depositing magnetic film on both substrate surfaces and mechanism for performing same June 9, 1998
A sputtering method includes depositing a magnetic thin film on both surfaces of a substrate by magnetron sputtering, wherein magnetic assemblies of magnetron cathodes form a magnetic field asymmetric to a rotation axis perpendicular to the substrate on a target, and a pair of magnet
5479003 Automatic card issuance apparatus and automatic card issuance method December 26, 1995
An automatic card issuance apparatus and an issuance method automatically retrieve information to be recorded onto an information recording and playback section of a card on the basis of information read from an information playback section of the card, from a data storage section, to
5436879 Recording and reproducing methods of write-once read-many type recording medium July 25, 1995
A method of recording data includes irradiating a light spot on an optical card having a recording area including a user data region and an index data region arranged adjacent to each other. User data is recorded on the user data is recorded region and index data on the index data region
5331613 Data reproducing method and apparatus capable of shortening the total time of data reproduction July 19, 1994
A data reproducing method includes the steps of causing an optical information recording and reproducing apparatus to read first data from an optical information recording and reproducing medium when a first reproduction request is received, and storing the first data in a temporary
5133302 Electric motor fan control system for vehicle July 28, 1992
A fan control system of a vehicle for controlling an electric motor fan for cooling a radiator for an engine coolant and a condenser for a refrigerant of an air conditioning system of the vehicle by moving air, comprises a vehicle speed sensor, a sensor for sensing the temperature of the

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