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Xu; Zhou
Shen-Zhen, CN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D534174 Computer front bezel December 26, 2006
D518481 Computer enclosure April 4, 2006
D482039 Computer stand November 11, 2003
7609516 Computer enclosure with removable bezel October 27, 2009
A computer enclosure includes a chassis (10), a bezel (20), and a detaching member (30). The chassis has a plate (12) defining at least one locking aperture (123, 124) therein. The bezel is attachable to an outer surface of the plate. At least one hook (25, 26) protrudes from the bezel
7486504 Computer case February 3, 2009
A computer case includes a chassis (70), a cage (10) pivotably engaging with the chassis, a securing member (50) and an intermediate member (30). The cage has a locked position and a unlocked position. The securing member is mounted to the chassis. A receiving portion (57) is formed at
7483264 Mounting assembly for cover of computer enclosure January 27, 2009
A mounting assembly for a cover of a computer enclosure includes a chassis (40) having a side panel, at least one locking member (20) securely attached to the chassis (40), a cover (10) adapted to be slidably mounted to the chassis (40) and at least one jacking member (30) movably mounte
7480148 Computer enclosure January 20, 2009
A computer enclosure includes a chassis (90), a cover (10) and a resilient member (50). The chassis includes a recess (911) and at least one locking member (70). A cover is mounted on the chassis. The cover has a stop (115) adapted to engage with the locking member for securing the cover
7420812 Latch for securing cover to computer enclosure September 2, 2008
A latch for securing a cover (10) to a base (40) includes a projecting tab (145) on one of the cover and the base, a mounting member (50) and a resilient member (70). The projecting tab engages with the mounting member so that the cover engages with the base. The mounting member is d
7382608 Retaining device for assembling drive bracket June 3, 2008
A retaining device includes a computer cage (30), a drive bracket (20) for receiving a storage device, a displacing assembly (40) movably combining the drive bracket and the computer cage together. The displacing assembly includes a first fixing member (42) slidably attached to the botto
7355136 Button device for computer bezel April 8, 2008
A button device includes a base (11) mounted to a bezel (30) of an electronic device. A plurality of button units (17) are disposed in the base (11), and a plurality of through holes (13) are abreast provided in the base (11) in correspondence with the button unit (17). The button un
7161798 Expansion card retention apparatus January 9, 2007
An expansion card retention apparatus includes a rear panel (50), first and second retention brackets (10, 30), and a side panel (59). The rear panel defines a number of expansion slots (52) for receiving expansion cards (60) therein respectively, an opening, and a pair of hook openings
7149081 Hard disk mounting assembly December 12, 2006
A hard disk mounting assembly includes a chassis (10), a first cage (20) mounted to the chassis, a hard disk drive(40) (HDD) and a second cage (60). The HDD defines a plurality of fixing openings (42). The first cage includes a plurality of mounting pillars (28) resilient connected with
7088580 Mounting apparatus for data storage device August 8, 2006
A mounting apparatus for mounting a data storage device (10) includes a drive bracket (30), and a locking device (40) movably attached to the drive bracket via a screw (50). The data storage device forms a pair of studs (20) at each opposite side plate thereof. The drive bracket incl
7072178 Mounting assembly for data storage device July 4, 2006
A data storage device mounting assembly for mounting a data storage device (400) with screws (401) includes a bracket (100), and an operating member (200). The bracket includes a first sidewall (130) and a second sidewall (150) each defining a groove (131) therein. The first sidewall inc
7068502 Mounting apparatus for disk drive devices June 27, 2006
A mounting apparatus for disk drive devices includes a bracket (30), an operation member (50), and a pair of rails (70). The bracket has a first sidewall (34) and a second sidewall (36) each defining a first retaining hole (342, 362) and a second retaining hole (346, 366). The second
7027306 Mounting apparatus for motherboard April 11, 2006
A mounting apparatus for a motherboard (10) providing a plurality of apertures (14) includes a panel (20), a support plate (40) attached to the panel and a fastener (50) for fastening the motherboard to the support plate. The panel includes a plurality of catches (21) and a pair of s
7006351 Mounting apparatus for data storage device February 28, 2006
A mounting apparatus for a data storage device (10) with a plurality of protrusions (14) formed thereon. The mounting apparatus comprises a bracket (30), a pair of retaining members (50), and a pair of latches (70). A pair of openings (40) is defined in each side plate (34) of the br
6985360 Computer enclosure incorporating expansion card mounting structure January 10, 2006
A computer enclosure (1) includes a chassis (50), a rear window frame (70), an expansion card seat (10) and a retaining plate (80). The chassis includes a bottom plate (53), a rear plate (52) and a side plate (53). The rear plate forms a slideway (55) and a beam (59) at a top thereof,
6721183 Computer enclosure incorporating hood fastener April 13, 2004
A computer enclosure includes a chassis (30), a hood (10) and a fastener (20) securing the hood to the chassis. The chassis includes a rear panel (33) forming an L-shaped tab thereon, and a pair of side panels each defining a plurality of splits (37). The hood includes a recessed portion

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