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Wrasidlo; Wolfgang
Berlin, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6534041 Acid-labile and enzymatically divisible dye compounds for diagnosis with near infrared light and March 18, 2003
The invention relates to acid-labile and enzymatically divisible compounds for in-vivo and in-vitro diagnosis by means of near infrared radiation (NIR-radiation), the use of said compounds as optic diagnostic and therapeutic agents, and the diagnostic agents containing said compounds.
6271384 Self-assembled taxo-diterpenoid nanostructures August 7, 2001
Onium salts of taxo-diterpenoid-C.sup.n,2-O-aza-arenes form water soluble self-assembling nanostructures above a critical aggregation concentration. The onium salt of aza-arene includes a delocalized charge which renders derivatized taxo-diterpenoids amphoteric, enhances their solubility
6252094 Chemical switching of taxo-diterpenoids between low solubility active forms and high solubility June 26, 2001
Cyclic chemical switching method is employed for solubilizing and desolubilizing taxo-diterpenoids with respect to aqueous solvents. 2-Halogenated onium salts of aza-arenes are employed to derivatize taxo-diterpenoids so as to alter their solubility in aqueous solvents. The onium sal
6025491 Water soluble onium salt of taxo-diterpenoid February 15, 2000
Onium salts of taxo-diterpenoid-C.sup.n, 2-0-aza-arenes are employed as water soluble prodrugs. For example, taxol-2'-methylpyridiniumtosylate (MPT) is characterized by an elevated aqueous solubility, rapid activation by serum protein, good stability in most other aqueous solutions,

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