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Woods; Daniel C.
Florence, SC
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6591854 Superconductive magnet burst disk assembly July 15, 2003
A burst disk assembly has a burst disk which is interposed within the high pressure relief vent of a superconducting magnet. The burst disk is a composite design constructed of a solid carbon graphite center surrounded by an integrally formed stainless steel ring. A captured burst disk f
6109042 Superconducting magnet burst disk venting mechanism August 29, 2000
A pressure relieving venting system for a liquid helium superconducting magnet to vent cryogen gas upon a magnet quench including a burst disk closing the venting system during normal superconducting operation and sandwiched between a peripheral gasket assembly maintained under constant
5918470 Thermal conductance gasket for zero boiloff superconducting magnet July 6, 1999
A recondensing zero boiloff superconducting magnet assembly utilizing a cryocooler with a compressible indium gasket positioned between the cryocooler and the recondenser and with the gasket containing a plurality of spaced parallel grid wires with interconnecting web segments of a l
5828280 Passive conductor heater for zero boiloff superconducting magnet pressure control October 27, 1998
A passive non-electric pressure control system for a superconducting magnet cryogen vessel to maintain internal pressure above the outside pressure to avoid cryopumping utilizes a passive thermal conductor extending from the outside atmosphere into the vessel. The selective amount of pen
5701742 Configured indium gasket for thermal joint in cryocooler December 30, 1997
An indium gasket having a configuration which allows the indium to reach its yield point at a relatively low contact pressure. The indium gasket is provided with a multiplicity of openings which are filled by the deforming indium during compression between the cryocooler and the cryocool
5657634 Convection cooling of bellows convolutions using sleeve penetration tube August 19, 1997
A sleeve assembly for reducing the thermal conduction heat load from the bellows penetration tube to the heliumvessel of a superconducting magnet assembly. The sleeve assembly is designed to force helium boil-off gas to flow in intimate contact with the bellows convolutions. The helium
5369387 Shim lead power coupling assembly for superconducting magnet November 29, 1994
A power coupling assembly for superconducting magnets includes a conduit with insulating tubes around each power lead, with the tubing passing through a plug at the upper end of the conduit and extending only part way to the lower end. Cryogen gas flowing from the magnet chamber into the
5307037 Shim lead assembly with flexible castellated connector for superconducting magnet April 26, 1994
A flexible castellated joint is included in the shim lead assembly electrically connecting the cryostat pressure vessel and the outer vacuum vessel in a superconducting magnet to accommodate relative motion between the two vessels during transportation of the superconducting magnet.
5291739 Adjustable alignment for cryogen venting system for superconducting magnet March 8, 1994
An adjustable alignment assembly for a cryogen venting system for a superconducting magnet including a radially adjustable floating flange connection with a cryogenic seal to enable precise alignment of the cryostat vent pipe with the ceiling vent pipe of the room in which the superc
5291168 Connector cooling and protection for power coupling assembly for superconducting magnets March 1, 1994
Power couplings are provided from outside the shell of a superconducting magnet through the intervening space and through the cryogen pressure vessel to the magnet coils within the vessel. The multi-pin shim magnet connector is replaceable without cutting the vessel open and the shim and
5265430 Actively cooled baffle for superconducting magnet penetration well November 30, 1993
Apparatus for reducing heat leakage into the interior of a liquid cryogen-holding vessel from the sealed well through which the vessel is accessed. An actively cooled heat sink in the well transfers heat to low temperature cryogen vapor venting from this vessel to the external enviro
5099215 Coupling device for a superconducting magnet March 24, 1992
The device is provided for detachably coupling a power source to a lead pin of the superconducting magnet, the magnet being located in a cryostat using helium and the lead pin being in the region of helium vapor. Device includes a split connector formed to engage the pin, an elongated ro
4872322 Power operated contact apparatus for superconductive circuit October 10, 1989
A power operated contact apparatus extends and retracts one or more electrical leads into and out of a cryostat for making and breaking, at a cryogenic temperature, electrical contacts with a superconductive circuit. A pair of rigid elongated leads extend into a cold space of the cryosta

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