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Wolleschensky; Ralf
Jena, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43702 Microscope with heightened resolution and linear scanning October 2, 2012
Microscope with heightened resolution and linear scanning wherein the sample is illuminated with a first and a second illuminating light, whereby the first illuminating light excites the sample, and the second illuminating light is generated through the refraction of coherent light a
8570625 Device and method for generating an image of an object October 29, 2013
A device for generating an image of an object is provided, comprising an illumination module, by means of which the object can be illuminated with a pattern whose phase is altered temporally, a recording module, by means of which a plurality of recordings of the object are carried out du
8280131 Method and configuration for optically detecting an illuminated specimen October 2, 2012
A configuration for the optical detection of a specimen, wherein the specimen or at least part of the specimen is scanned by means of linear illumination by scanning means, means for linear beam shaping of the illuminating light are provided, and the illuminating light has a preferab
8207510 Method and arrangement for collimated microscopic imaging June 26, 2012
A method and arrangement for collimated microscopic imaging, including a first illumination of a sample in at least one region for exciting fluorescence, and a spatially resolving detection of the sample light by detector elements, the detection being associated with the region, wher
8098374 Highly sensitive spectroscopic unit January 17, 2012
The invention is directed to a highly sensitive spectrum analysis unit with a diffraction grating, wherein a parallel light bundle having a wavelength range impinges on a diffraction grating which splits the different wavelengths into spectra by diffraction in first directions, and w
7999238 Arrangement for processing signals at the output of a multichannel detector August 16, 2011
An arrangement for signal processing at the output of a multichannel detector in the spectrally resolved acquisition of time-variable fluorescence phenomena in a microscope, particularly lifetime measurements, is characterized in that an FPGA (free programmable gate array) is arrange
7923672 Process and devices for optically sensing a specimen with a large depth of field April 12, 2011
A device for optically sensing a specimen with a large depth of field has a lighting module which illuminates a zone of the specimen during a predetermined measurement period with a pattern whose phase is modified in time during the measurement period, generating a specimen light to
7852474 Spectral analysis unit with a diffraction grating December 14, 2010
A spectral analytical unit for acting on a parallel light bundle having different wavelengths. The spectral analytical unit includes a diffraction grating on which the light bundle falls, the diffraction grating splitting the different wavelengths through diffraction in first spectra
7746553 Laser scanning microscope for fluorescence testing June 29, 2010
Laser scanning microscope for fluorescence testing, in which the illumination and detection rays are bound optically through a dichroic main beam splitter, the detected probe light being led to several detectors by means of a secondary beam splitter and the angle of incidence of the
7728270 Microscopy method and microscope including two detections June 1, 2010
A microscopy method is provided for generating an image of an image field passing in a predetermined depth of a sample to be examined, comprising a plurality of illumination steps, in which a part of the image field is in each case illuminated with a focused illumination beam bundle, whi
7561338 Microscope objective system July 14, 2009
A microscope objective system including an objective, which includes an illumination beam path via which illumination radiation from a source is directed onto an object to be examined, as well as a partial detection beam path surrounding at least part of the illumination beam path and,
7554664 Laser scanning microscope June 30, 2009
Laser Scanning Microscope with an illumination beam path for illumination of a sample and a detection beam path for wavelength-dependent recording of the light from the sample, whereby filters for selection of the detection wavelengths are provided, characterized in that at least one
7485875 Resolution-enhanced luminescence microscopy February 3, 2009
A resolution-enhanced luminescence microscopy method, wherein a sample is excited so as to luminesce, and thus to emit a given luminescence radiation, by irradiation of exciting radiation and an image of the luminescent sample is obtained, wherein the luminescent sample is transferab

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