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Wolff; Stacy L.
Akron, OH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D385190 Storage container lid with compartment October 21, 1997
D380088 Basket June 24, 1997
D376693 Storage container lid December 24, 1996
D373954 Wreath storage box September 24, 1996
D372123 Storage container July 30, 1996
D370795 Work table June 18, 1996
D370345 Storage container base June 4, 1996
D369481 Cabinet May 7, 1996
D367361 Lid for storage container February 27, 1996
D367360 Compartmented lid for toolbox February 27, 1996
D364294 Door for cabinet November 21, 1995
D363604 Storage container October 31, 1995
D362117 Storage container lid September 12, 1995
D361899 Stool September 5, 1995
D361216 Portable workbench August 15, 1995
D356192 Appliance bridge March 7, 1995
D355786 Lap tray February 28, 1995
D355772 Child's chair February 28, 1995
D355312 Desk February 14, 1995
D355083 Storage cabinet February 7, 1995
D351283 Cosmetic organizer October 11, 1994
D349815 Cosmetic tray August 23, 1994
D349207 Soap case August 2, 1994
D348129 Pail June 21, 1994
D348128 Laundry basket June 21, 1994
D347718 Dish drain tray June 7, 1994
D347131 Bookcase May 24, 1994
D345834 Dish rack April 5, 1994
D344378 Clothes basket February 15, 1994
D343267 Lid for storage container January 11, 1994
5507385 Multipurpose storage bin April 16, 1996
A multipurpose storage container is disclosed comprising a lid (14), base (12), and latch handles (16). The lid (14) is configured for positionment upon the base (12) in alternative upright and inverted positions. In the inverted configuration, the lid (14) creates a work surface (46) ha
5370453 Jewelry organizer December 6, 1994
A jewelry organizer (10) includes a housing preferably formed on interconnected housing portions (11, 12). The front of the organizer (10) is provided with an assembly of bins (70) which, when released by a release mechanism (25) open to provide access to the contents of the bins (70
5358100 Cosmetic and jewelry organizer October 25, 1994
A container (10) for holding and storing items, such as cosmetics and jewelry, in an organized fashion includes a base portion (12) and a cover portion (11). Tray assemblies (48, 49) are connected to the base portion (12) by link arms (72, 92) for movement from a position within the base
5351730 Multipurpose portable workbench October 4, 1994
A carpenter's workbench is disclosed comprising a freestanding frame body (4) supported by four legs (6). A longitudinal channel (46) of T-shape profile and a V-shape groove (48) extend into a top surface (14) of the body (4) and are adapted to receive and render stationary lengths of
5323924 Case for cosmetics, jewelry, and the like June 28, 1994
A container (10) for holding items such as cosmetics, jewelry and the like includes a base portion (12) and a cover portion (11) attached thereto. Within the container (10) is a removable tray (51) which includes a basket portion (52) carried by a surrounding support wall (58). The base
5219085 Domed lid for refuse container June 15, 1993
A domed lid for a waste receptacle is disclosed and comprises a domed external surface (4) and a frontal recess (12) formed therein. A door (20) is pivotally mounted within the recess and has a central domed surface (34) surrounded by an edge flange border (36). A raised ridge (44) exten
5199571 Nestable buckets having lockable bails April 6, 1993
A bucket (10) has a bottom surface (11) and opposed side walls (12, 13) as well as adjoining opposed end walls (14, 15) extending upwardly from the bottom surface (11) forming an open top defined by a rim (21). A bail (24) has one end pivotally attached to the side walls (12, 13) and the
5158184 Dish rack and drain tray assembly October 27, 1992
A dish draining rack and drain tray assembly is disclosed comprising a dish rack (4) having handles (38) extending outwardly from opposite ends, and a central dish receiving compartment for stackably receiving dishes. A tray (2) is further provided which dually functions as a tray below

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