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Whiteman, Jr.; Marvin E.
Boise, ID
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE34505 Motar mixing drum January 11, 1994
A horizontally oriented mortar mixing drum 11 fabricated of polyethylene material having an elemental cylindrical segment opening through which mortar materials to be mixed may be deposited into or poured from. A perimeter frame having base elemental frame member 15, diametric wall f
5550333 Reduced noise trailerable engine August 27, 1996
A trailerable engine housing 10 for a heat and noise emitting engine 68 is provided, formed of an open topped container having pyramidally shaped end walls 22, 24, side walls 14, 16, and a base plate 42. The open topped container is divided into two separate enclosures by an enclosure ba
5489150 Mortar mixer frame having integral hydraulic fluid reservoir with means for cooling the hydrauli February 6, 1996
A motar mixer driven by a hydraulic pump and motor which are powered by an gasoline engine. The mixer frame is configured as a trailer to facilitate transport of the mortar mixer. The trailer frame is further adapted so that the frame members form a fluid reservoir for the hydraulic flui
5454679 Wire element bindery press October 3, 1995
A combination work station for open wire element bindery operations is provided with a base plate having a planar work surface with a die punch for perforating pages resting upon a first work station on the work surface, and the bindery press for pressing closed open wire binding ele
5452980 Electric loop wire bindery press September 26, 1995
An electrically operated binder press for pressing closed open wire loop binding wire elements which is provided with a pair of pitman arms assemblies for translating unidirectional drive shaft rotation into reciprocal pressing platen movement. A pressing platen is held in adjustable
5118198 Cement mixing apparatus with cradle support assembly June 2, 1992
An improved cement mixer having polyethylene cement mixing drum (20) held and supported by a cradle arm assembly (21) formed of cradle base support braces (23) and upright cradle arms (22) which interfit into crandle arm recesses (27) which are preformed with polyethylene drum (20). A bu
5061077 Knock out paddle shaft for mixing machines October 29, 1991
A removable three-piece paddle shaft assembly (30) for use in a mixing machine such as a mortar mixer (11) is disclosed. Three-piece paddle shaft assembly (30) includes paddle shaft drive spindle (31), main paddle shaft (32), and a paddle shaft supporting spindle (33). Main paddle shaft
4943264 Centrifugal clutch with belt tightening spacer assembly July 24, 1990
An automatic variable speed centrifugal clutch with belt tightening assembly is characterized by even transmission of rotational drive to a pair of belts and includes a rotating spindle and clutch plate having an adjustable centrifugally operable belt tightening mechanism. The belt t
4895277 Foot operated mortar drum latch assembly January 23, 1990
A foot operated mortar drum latch assembly having V-stop tab 15 extending normally from drum end wall 25. A latch bar 14 is provided, and is pivotally attached to upright frame strut 24 adjacent to drum end wall 25 for frictional engagement with V-stop tab 15. Foot peg 12 attached to
4878779 Riding power trowel November 7, 1989
A trim control 100 providing a weight distribution compensator to a riding power trowel 1. The trim control 100 has hollow cylindrical housing 101 rigidly attached to riding power trowel frame 3. Cylindrical housing 101 has traveler slot 102 disposed in its side parallel to the cylindric
4850723 Bearing and seal assembly for motor mixer July 25, 1989
A bearing and seal assembly 10 for a mortar mixer having attached to mortar mixer frame 36 a stationary cylindrical housing 14 for rotatably receiving and supporting a hollow cylindrical drum support shaft 11 attached to mortar drum end wall 18. The stationary frame 14 and drum support s
4811617 Unidirectional to bidirectional angular displacement conversion apparatus March 14, 1989
The invention relates to an apparatus for converting a unidirectional displacement to an angular displacement of selectable direction. The apparatus 10 has a rack gear assembly, which has two opposing rack gears 16 and 17 held in a parallel spaced relationship and constituting a coor
4673311 Concrete finishing machine having counterbalanced blade pitch adjustment apparatus June 16, 1987
A concrete finishing machine having a rotatable trowel blade assembly and a mechanism for controllably adjusting the pitch of the trowel blades relative to a wet concrete surface on which the blades rest. Manual pivoting of a control lever controllably adjusts the trowel blade pitch

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