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Weyand; Thomas E.
Beaver Falls, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7232472 Method for the treatment of coal June 19, 2007
A method and apparatus for the treatment of coal to form a product gas such as methane (CH.sub.4), and a high purity carbon product. The method includes contacting a coal-containing feedstock with a treatment gas that includes hydrogen. The coal feedstock can advantageously be a low-grad
6682714 Method for the production of hydrogen gas January 27, 2004
A method and apparatus for the production of hydrogen gas. The method includes the reduction of steam utilizing a metal species, such as iron or tin, to form pure hydrogen gas. At least two reactors are preferably utilized to continuously form additional metal for the reduction of the
6620398 Method for the production of ammonia September 16, 2003
A method for the production of ammonia. The method includes the reduction of steam using a metal species such as iron or tin to form pure hydrogen gas and the reaction of hydrogen gas with nitrogen gas to form ammonia. The nitrogen gas can be formed by extracting the oxygen from air thro
6068803 Method of making building blocks from coal combustion waste and related products May 30, 2000
A method of making a building block from waste particulate siliceous materials, such as fly ash, bottom ash, and rock mineral fines, includes employing a major amount of such waste particulate materials in combination with a calciferous additive and water to cure and shape the same u
5887724 Methods of treating bi-modal fly ash to remove carbon March 30, 1999
A method of reducing the carbon content of a dry bi-modal fly ash includes subjecting the bi-modal fly ash to dry vibrating screen separation into a carbon rich component and a carbon depleted fly ash component with the carbon depleted fly ash component being created with a carbon conten
5300137 Method for removing mercury from contaminated soils and industrial wastes and related apparatus April 5, 1994
A method and an apparatus for removing mercury from contaminated soils and industrial wastes are provided. The removed mercury may be recovered. A furnace vaporizes the mercury containing portion and the vapors are condensed. In one embodiment, an individual heating stage volatilizes

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