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Weiss; Keith D.
Cary, NC
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5599474 Temperature independent magnetorheological materials February 4, 1997
A magnetorheological material containing a particle component and a carrier fluid or mixture of carrier fluids having a change in viscosity per degree temperature (.DELTA..eta./.DELTA.T ratio) less than or equal to about 16.0 centipoise/.degree.C. over the temperature range of about 25.d
5547049 Magnetorheological fluid composite structures August 20, 1996
Controllable composite structure or structural elements enclose magnetotheological fluids as a structural component between opposing containment layers to form at least a portion of any variety of extended mechanical systems, such as plates, panels, beams and bars or structures inclu
5306438 Ionic dye-based electrorheological materials April 26, 1994
An electrorheological material containing a carrier fluid and an ionic dye particle component which is an ionically charged compound based on or derived from a conjugated hydrocarbon compound. A preferred ionically charged compound contains at least one aromatic nucleus that has been
5294360 Atomically polarizable electrorheological material March 15, 1994
An electrorheological material comprising a carrier fluid and an atomically polarizable particle component. The atomically polarizable particle component has a crystalline lattice structure which allows atoms to shift position with respect to each other in response to the application of
5091162 Perhydrosiloxane copolymers and their use as coating materials February 25, 1992
The present invention relates to soluble perhydrosiloxane copolymers of the formula [H.sub.2 SiO].sub.x [HSiO.sub.3/2 ].sub.y wherein the mole fractions x and y total 1. In addition, the present invention relates to the use of these novel copolymers as coating materials, especially for u

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