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Weiss; Albrecht
Langenfeld, DE
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8580986 Process for the production of fatty acid alkyl esters November 12, 2013
Disclosed is an improved process for the production of fatty acid lower alkyl esters according to formula (I) R.sup.1CO--OR.sup.2 (I) in which R.sup.1CO represents a linear or branched acyl moiety having from about 6 to about 22 carbon atoms and 0 to 6 double bonds and wherein R.sup.2 i
8293315 Process for the preparation of active substance concentrate October 23, 2012
Disclosed is a process for the preparation of active substance concentrates, which is distinguished in that an active-substance-containing starting material, (i) (a) is either brought into contact with a PIT emulsion and the mixtures are heated to a temperature above the phase invers
7247463 Enzymes with lipase/acyltransferase activity, nucleic acids encoding the same and methods of use July 24, 2007
Polypeptides with lipase/acyltransferase activity are described with an amino acid sequence which has identity to the sequence reported in SEQ ID NO 2 of at least 49%, also polypeptides which display this activity, as well as nucleic acids (genes) which code for these polypeptides, vecto
6897328 Process for deacidifying natural fats and oils May 24, 2005
A single stage process for deacidifying glycerides involving: (a) providing a glyceride having an acid value of from about 5 to 20; (b) providing a lower alcohol; (c) providing an enzyme catalyst immobilized on a support material; andpassing a mixture of (a) and (b), over (c), thereby deaci
6767879 Detergents comprising cellulases July 27, 2004
Laundry detergent compositions containing one or more cellulases having a ration of tensile strength loss to antipilling properties of less than 1. The cellulases may be obtained from CBS 669.63 or 670.93.
6750332 Salicyl alcohol derivatives June 15, 2004
Novel salicyl alcohol derivatives having valuable cosmetically and pharmaceutically useful properties, such as prostaglandin synthesis inhibition, corresponding to the formula (I):a method for producing the same and their utilization in cosmetics and pharmacy.
6630003 Colouring agents with enzymes October 7, 2003
The present invention relates to a composition for coloring keratin fibers containing at least one dye precursor and a choline-based oxidase system. The present invention also relates to a process for coloring keratin containing fibers using the composition of the present invention.
6509021 Use of mutated subtilisin protease in cosmetic products January 21, 2003
A mutated subtilisin-type protease that bears at least one mutation in its amino-acid sequence that causes the positive charge to be reduced or the negative charge to be increased in the substrate binding region of the molecule is used in cosmetic products. Such proteases show a surprisi
6479450 Bleaching system November 12, 2002
A bleaching composition is presented having a) an enzyme which produces hydrogen peroxide from atmospheric oxygen, b) a substrate for said enzyme, and c) a transition metal compound, where the enzyme is covalently bound to the transition metal compound. The bleaching composition is usefu
6417151 Activators for peroxide compounds in detergents and cleaning agents July 9, 2002
A detergent or disinfectant composition comprising is presented having 0.5 to 10 percent by weight of an activator compound which under perhydrolysis conditions forms a percarboxylic acid, and releases a leaving group capable of being used as a substrate for enzymes, and up to 50 percent
6409770 Bleaching and washing agents with enzyme bleaching system June 25, 2002
A bleaching detergent composition comprising an enzyme having amino alcohol oxidase activity, a substrate for said enzyme, and a bleach catalyst or activator, a method of bleaching fabric stains with an enzymatic bleaching system comprising an enzyme having amino alcohol oxidase activity
6313081 Detergents comprising cellulases November 6, 2001
A laundry detergent composition comprises a cellulase having a ratio of tensile strength loss to antipilling properties of less than 1. A method of laundering cotton-containing fabrics with the composition is also disclosed.
6197589 Enzymes for detergents March 6, 2001
This invention relates to proteases with improved application properties in cleaners and detergents. The improvement's achieved by substituting positively charged or uncharged amino acids in the substrate binding region of the wild type subtilisin protease.
5972668 Production of multi-enzyme granules October 26, 1999
A process is presented for producing stable multi-enzyme containing granules. The process involves the steps of mixing a reversible competitive inhibitor with a first enzyme, adding a second incompatible enzyme, adding a carrier, extruding and granulating the resulting mixture and re
5904736 Cellulase-containing washing agents May 18, 1999
In washing agents containing tensides and cellulase, the properties of the cellulase which are relevant to the application were to be improved. This was essentially achieved in that use was made of a cellulase mixture in which the first component, with a CMCase activity of 1 U per liter
5888800 Expression systems for commercial production of cellulase and xylanase in Bacillus subtilis and March 30, 1999
Increased production of a heterologous cellulase is achieved by transforming Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis with genetic constructs containing a Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 53926 protease promoter and signal sequence to express alkalophilic cellulase genes.
5855625 Detergent compositions January 5, 1999
A laundry detergent for washing fabrics composed of proteinogenic fibers is comprised of at least one surfactant and a proteolytically active amount of a protease having a keratinase/caseinase activity ratio of less than about 0.80.
5801039 Enzymes for detergents September 1, 1998
This invention relates to proteases with improved application properties in cleaners and detergents. The improvement's achieved by substituting positively charged or uncharged amino acids in the substrate binding region of the wild type subtilisin protease.
5635392 Nutrient mixtures for the bioremediation of polluted soils and waters June 3, 1997
A nutrient concentrate for stimulation of growth for the accelerated cultivation and growth of hydrocarbon-consuming microorganisms as well as a process for their use in bioremediation is disclosed. The concentrate is an admixture of water-soluble and/or oil-soluble compounds of phosphor
5453200 Precifitation process for exocellular proteins September 26, 1995
In a process for separating the exocellular proteins from the micro-organisms of a filtered fermentation liquor, the removal of solid is to be improved while retaining the useful substance. This is achieved by, in a first stage, removing substances preventing protein precipitation wi

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