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Weiblen; Kurt
Metzingen, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7585662 Container for an analysis chip September 8, 2009
A receptacle is provided for accommodating an analysis chip, which receptacle has openings in a housing having access to the analysis chip, which openings are protected from external influences by a movable protector, and for carrying out an analysis, a mechanism for moving the prote
7437943 Force measurement element October 21, 2008
A force measurement element measures an introduced force by means of a double flexural beam and a displacement sensor. The double flexural beam makes possible a double spring shape that makes possible an optimization with regard to elongation distribution.
7323766 Sensor module January 29, 2008
A sensor module, in particular for measuring an acceleration or rotational speed, having a housing base body made of a plastic material, a lead frame extending through the housing base body and having leads which have connector pins for attachment to a circuit board, a sensor system havi
7064403 Chip assembly in a premold housing June 20, 2006
A invention relates to a device for detecting incident radiation in the infrared range, including at least one chip assembly for detecting infrared radiation, at least one bonding wire, which starts out from the chip assembly and runs through metallic terminals to the exterior of the
6872911 Welding method March 29, 2005
A method is proposed for welding a first component part to a second component part, the energy to melt melting regions being supplied by a laser beam. In this context, the laser beam is directed through the first component part, which is made of a nonabsorbing material, to the second
6837117 Device and method for measuring a force component or torque component January 4, 2005
A device and method for measuring at least one of a force component and a torque component. The device includes a deformation member, for measuring at least one of a force component and torque component, a separate measuring element, configured to measure at least one force component, an
6804883 Method for producing a pressure sensor October 19, 2004
A method for producing a pressure sensor, in which a semiconductor pressure pick-up is mounted on a mounting section of a lead grid, in particular a leadframe. The semiconductor pressure pick-up is electrically connected to contact sections of the lead grid. The lead grid, together with
6778400 Electronic device August 17, 2004
An electronic device, including a housing part having at least one closable opening and one plug-in part, the housing part accommodating a printed circuit board, which has at least one electrical and/or electronic component arranged thereon, and electrical contact elements, which are
6711033 Sealed housing for an electronic device and the respective seal March 23, 2004
A sealed housing for an electronic device has a housing bottom part which has a first contact surface; a housing top part which has a second contact surface; the housing bottom part being connectable to the housing top part; and a seal which is insertable between the housing bottom part
6661668 Housing and methods of producing a housing December 9, 2003
A housing, in particular a housing for electronic components, which includes a housing part which is made of plastic and has at least one opening, and a lid part for closing off the opening. It is proposed that the lid part is produced as a metal punched part, the punched edge of the
6528868 Lead frame device and method for producing the same March 4, 2003
A lead frame device having a lead frame made of copper, copper alloy or copper compound having a die pad area, within which a chip is to be mounted, and having a multiplicity of leads, which are arranged around the die pad area; and having a die pad made of silicon which is mounted in th
6354153 Pressure sensor connection device March 12, 2002
A pressure sensor device has a mounting rack and a sensor casing arranged on the mounting rack and closed except for one opening. The pressure sensor includes a pressure pickup that is arranged inside the sensor casing and electrically connected to the mounting rack. Also included in
6300842 Arrangement for producing electrical oscillations October 9, 2001
The arrangement for producing electrical oscillations in a Giga hertz region has a Gunn element, a housing in which the Gunn element is accommodated and which has an electrically conductive housing cover, the Gunn element being in electrical contact with the electrically conductive h
6300169 Method for manufacturing a pressure sensor October 9, 2001
In a method for manufacturing a pressure sensor, in which a semiconductor pressure sensing element is applied to an assembly segment of a lead grid, the semiconductor pressure sensing element is electrically connected to contact segments of the lead grid. The lead grid having the semicon
6271471 Housing for electronic component, and method of producing the same August 7, 2001
A housing for an electronic component has a bottom part, a wall part, a cover part which together are adapted to cover the electronic component, a contact spring provided on the cover part for producing an electrical connection with a terminal of the component, the cover part and the
6106735 Wafer stack and method of producing sensors August 22, 2000
A wafer stack with sensor elements hermetically sealed in caverns and a method of fabricating the sensors permitting a reduction in the size of the sensors formed after cutting the wafer stack and also yielding considerable savings in chip area in the manufacture of the wafer stack.
6062088 Pressure sensor May 16, 2000
A pressure sensor includes a metallic membrane and a frame. For detecting the deflection of the membrane, a silicon bridge element having piezoresistive resistor elements is arranged on the membrane and the frame.
6021674 Pressure sensor having at least one connector element arranged flush with a mounting surface and February 8, 2000
A pressure sensor includes a housing, a support plate arranged on a mounting surface of the housing, a sensor element arranged in the housing, and at least one connector element joined in electrically conductive fashion to at least one contact surface of the support plate. A method for
5723784 Flow rate meter March 3, 1998
The invention proposes a device for measuring the mass of a flowing medium, in particular the mass of air aspirated by internal combustion engines. The device has a platelike sensor element which is accommodated in a recess of a sensor carrier, and which with a sensor region that has at
5721377 Angular velocity sensor with built-in limit stops February 24, 1998
In an angular velocity sensor, an acceleration sensor is arranged on a resonator formed of a multilayer substrate and attached to a resonating bar. The multilayer substrate includes a top silicon layer, an insulating sacrificial layer arranged below the top silicon layer, and a bottom
5648615 Pressure sensor providing improved connection to a circuit board July 15, 1997
A pressure sensor for connection to a circuit board includes a silicon chip arranged in a housing so that one surface of the silicon chip faces the circuit board, and pressure is applied on the silicon chip surface facing away from the circuit board. The pressure sensor configuration is
5646347 Suspension for micromechanical structure and micromechanical acceleration sensor July 8, 1997
A suspension or an acceleration sensor having a suspension is proposed, by means of which a micromechanical structure or the acceleration sensor is anchored on a substrate. The suspension takes place by means of lever elements on which an equalizing beam acts. The lever elements are defo
5606117 Pressure sensor for measuring pressure in an internal combustion engine February 25, 1997
The pressure sensor for a combustion chamber includes a housing; a membrane closing the housing on its combustion chamber side; a monocrystalline silicon chip inside the housing and including a sensor circuit device provided with a bridge circuit device including a piezoresistor producin
5600074 Silicon chip for use in a force-detection sensor February 4, 1997
A force sensor employing a silicon chip having a force application area on a top surface and attached to a support at a bottom surface. Piezoresistive elements are arranged on the silicon chip in areas of high mechanical tension and produce signals. Circuits, which receive the signal
5547730 Device having a mounting board and method for applying a passivating gel August 20, 1996
In a device and a method for passivating components, a thixotropic gel is arranged in the shape of a ring around a component. The inside space surrounded by the thixotropic gel is filled with a passivating gel until the component is completely covered with passivating gel. The gels are
5525943 Electromagnetic compatibility filter utilizing inherently formed capacitance June 11, 1996
An electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter used in a hybrid technology circuit component, having current-carrying lines and a ground conductor, for protection against electromagnetic interference. The current-carrying lines and ground conductor are arranged on a ceramic plate. The
5507186 Pressure sensor April 16, 1996
In a pressure sensor, a force is transferred via a pressure plunger end made of relatively hard material onto a measurement element including a sensor membrane on a support. The sensor membrane is part of a micromechanical arrangement made of silicon. A metal structure made of a meta
5404753 Mass flow sensor April 11, 1995
A mass flow sensor detects the intensity of a media flow. The mass flow sensor includes a measurement chip, with a dielectric membrane and a frame of monocrystalline silicon. At least one heater is arranged on the membrane. The measurement chip is installed in the in-flow channel of a
5273939 Method of assembling micromechanical sensors December 28, 1993
A method is proposed for assembling micromechanical sensors, in particular Hall sensors, or pressure or acceleration sensors, in which at least one silicon sensor element is applied to a substrate. The at least one silicon sensor element is joined to the substrate via at least one assemb
5261639 Valve November 16, 1993
A valve for metering a fluid including a small upper plate, a small middle plate and a small lower plate. The small middle plate has a closing element with a diaphragm region surrounding the closing element. The stroke of the closing element is limited in an axial direction by the sm
5248028 Apparatus for firing printed matter onto substrates September 28, 1993
In electronics manufacturing, it is conventional to print a film onto a substrate (1) and then fire it in a continuous oven. A sequence of substrates is fed through the continuous oven on a conveyor belt (9). In order to fire substrates, even substrates printed on both sides, without

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