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Watson; Richard R.
Missouri City, TX
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8262367 Fault-tolerant chemical injection system for oil and gas wells September 11, 2012
A metering body for a chemical injection system comprises a free piston having a pair of mechanically-actuated poppet valves which may individually open to permit fluid to pass from one side of the free piston to the other. The free piston slides within a cylinder having cylinder hea
7520291 Pressure-compensated, subsea chemical injection valve April 21, 2009
A backpressure-protected valve suitable for subsea well treatment chemical injection applications includes an improved gate valve, a check valve and a pressure compensator responsive to ambient hydrostatic pressure. The check valve may comprise a poppet valve in a detachable outlet body.
7159616 Dual path hydraulic coupling January 9, 2007
A female hydraulic coupling member is disclosed which comprises a first flow port; a second flow port; a third flow port in fluid communication with both the first flow port and the second flow port; a first poppet valve for opening and closing the first flow port; and a second poppet
6983922 Piloted directional control valve January 10, 2006
An electrically powered rotary solenoid drives a hydraulic pilot valve to actuate a hydraulic main valve. The pilot valve includes a seal carrier rotatable with respect to a seal plate. A carrier supply port and a plate supply port are centered about an axis of rotation to remain in flui
6983803 Equalizer valve and associated method for sealing a fluid flow January 10, 2006
A dirty fluid valve for sealing high differential fluid pressures in a drilling environment and methods for using such a valve is disclosed. One embodiment of the valve includes a seal cartridge having several openings for directing a fluid path through the cartridge, a spring connected
6973936 Fluid injection system December 13, 2005
A fluid injection system controls the distribution of fluid from a supply line to a selected well at an adjustable rate. A fluid barrier divides a cylinder into first and second chambers. A multi-position valve comprises a first position for passing fluid from the supply line into the fi
6745838 Chemical injection control system and method for multiple wells June 8, 2004
The chemical injection system (10) is provided for controlling the distribution of chemical fluid from a supply conduit (12) into an individual petroleum well at an adjustable rate. The system includes a remotely operated two position control valve (14) connected to the supply condui
6651696 Relief valve November 25, 2003
A relief valve with two outlet ports increases the flow capacity of the valve when open. In an alternative embodiment, a relief valve with two outlet ports also has at least two springs stacked vertically. Alternative seal assemblies can be used with the aforementioned dual outlet port
6571822 Low blow down relief valve June 3, 2003
A relief valve having blow down values of 5% or lower is disclosed. The low blow down values are the result of reducing friction within the relief valve. The relief valve includes a movable plunger. Clearance is provided whereby the plunger does not experience significant friction as it
6568418 Precision regulator May 27, 2003
The precision regulator connects to a high pressure fluid source and regulates the pressure to a downstream apparatus. If an overpressure occurs, it can be vented to atmosphere. An elongate control stem engages a supply seal assembly and a vent seal assembly and moves axially and past
6527010 Single pilot dual pulse spool valve March 4, 2003
A spool valve may be used in a subsea system with a single upstream pilot valve to control the spool valve. The spool valve opens and closes a main valve in response to fluid signals from the pilot valve. The main valve is connected to a source of pressurized supply fluid, which is selec
6497251 Hydraulic latching spool valve December 24, 2002
A hydraulic latching spool valve has at movable piston and valve cage defining two seats. In the valve cage, a moveable piston is operable to move the valve into open and closed positions. A spring positioned in a pilot close chamber urges the piston to close. A pulse of fluid pressure
6318400 Low interflow hydraulic shuttle valve November 20, 2001
The hydraulic shuttle valve has two coaxial supply ports and a transverse function port to direct fluid coming from alternative control sources to a blow out preventor (BOP). The valve includes a moveable shuttle with opposing tapered metal sealing surfaces to alternatively engage opposi
5901749 Three-way poppet valve May 11, 1999
A high pressure poppet valve having a valve body defining inlet, outlet and vent passages, and with a valve cage in sealed relation within the valve body which defines an internal seat projection having spaced circular seat shoulders. A seal carrier, which may be a pilot pressure respons
5771931 High pressure wear resistant pilot valve June 30, 1998
A reciprocating sleeve type valve mechanism having a valve housing within which is located a cage element. A piston, movably positioned within the valve housing, accomplishes linear opening movement of a cylindrical seal sleeve with respect to spaced polymer seals within the housing. Clo
4856557 Sliding metal seal valve mechanism August 15, 1989
A high pressure, low friction slide valve incorporates a valve body defining parallel spaced internal sealing surfaces and inlet, vent and function ports communicating with an internal valve chamber. A seal carrier is movable within the valve chamber and supports a seal cylinder for

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