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Wang; Ting
West Windsor, NJ
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8589755 Reduced-complexity LDPC decoding November 19, 2013
Methods and systems for reduced-complexity decoding of low-density parity-check (LDPC) information. An encoded input stream is received. The received stream is decoded with one or more reduced-complexity min-sum or a posteriori probability LDPC decoders. A v-node update rule in the r
8285145 Modular colorless and directionless multi-degree reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer nod October 9, 2012
In a dense wavelength division multiplexed optical network, an upgradeable, modular, colorless, directionless, reconfigurable add/drop multiplexer having a small form factor. By using wavelength selective switches and couplers, the above features are achieved without the need for pho
8233809 Polarization independent frequency domain equalization (FDE) for chromatic dispersion (CD) compe July 31, 2012
A method for the polarization independent frequency domain equalization (FDE) chromatic dispersion compensation on polarization multiplexing (POLMUX) coherent systems. Operationally, time domain signals are converted to frequency domain signals such that time domain convolution can b
8218977 Integrated equalizer and Michelson interferometer structure for inter-symbol interference-suppre July 10, 2012
An optical device includes an interferometer for a received optical differential phase shift keying DPSK signal, and an equalizer integrated with the interferometer in a manner for reducing from optical filtering effects an interference by signal bits of the DPSK signal with signal b
8213794 Programmable optical network architecture July 3, 2012
A programmable optical network architecture and associated components employing a two-level orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)/wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) mechanisms for bandwith virtualization.
8185796 Mitigation of fiber nonlinearities in multilevel coded-modulation schemes May 22, 2012
A receiver and method are provided for mitigation of finer non-linearities in multilevel coded-modulation schemes. The receiver includes a multilevel Bahl-Cocke-Jelinek-Raviv (BCJR) equalizer configured to receive channel samples of an input signal, partially mitigate fiber non-linea
8184993 Polarization mode dispersion (PMD) compensation in polarization multiplexed coded orthogonal fre May 22, 2012
A receiver and method are provided. The receiver includes a detector configured to receive polarization multiplexed coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing input sequences and generate estimates of unknown transmitted symbols in the input sequences for x- and y-polarization
8184979 Optical OFDMA network with dynamic sub-carrier allocation May 22, 2012
A system and method for dynamically allocating sub-carriers between the nodes of an optical OFDMA ring network or an OFDMA passive optical network. A carrier allocation system assigns sub-carriers according to a utility function based on real-time measurements of arrival data rates a
8184731 Feedback adjustable constellation de-mapper May 22, 2012
A system and method to adjust the symbol constellation used to de-map a signal in an optical coherent communications system. A feedback de-mapper adjustment module is configured to compare average Error Vector Magnitude and Bit Error Ratio to a pre-defined table to determine when a c
8176381 Multidimensional turbo product codes and generalized low-density parity-check codes with compone May 8, 2012
A transmitter, a receiver, and corresponding methods are provided. The transmitter includes encoders configured to encode source bit streams from L information sources into bytes of codewords. Each encoder includes different (n, k) multidimensional turbo-product codes of code rate R=k/n,
8175466 Methods and systems for polarization multiplexed multilevel modulation for optical communication May 8, 2012
Multilevel soft-equalizer detectors, such as a maximum a posteriori probability (MAP) detector, suitable for use in polarization multiplexed optical communications using multilevel modulations and coherent detection are disclosed. Detection systems and methods may consider two symbol
8169683 Optical signal generation with D/A converters and optical clock pulse stream May 1, 2012
An apparatus includes an optical train pulse generator for generating continuous optical pulses each having a narrow width; a clock source having a high frequency for triggering the generator and operable as a sampling clock; a digital-to-analog converter DAC for converting an input
8140934 LDPC-coded multilevel modulation scheme March 20, 2012
A PMD compensation scheme suitable for use in multilevel block-coded modulation schemes with coherent detection.
8135287 100 Gbit/s OFDM optical signal generation March 13, 2012
A method includes modulating lightwaves to provide first and second OFDM signal sidebands at a first polarization direction and first and second OFDM signal sidebands at a second polarization direction, and combining sidebands that are oppositely positioned and joined from the first and
8130851 Bandwidth efficient coding for an orthogonal frequency multiplexing OFDM system March 6, 2012
A method for encoding an OFDM signal includes pairing two adjacent subcarriers of an OFDM signal as a group, changing a modulated symbol set of the OFDM signal to a modified symbol set for coding the OFDM signal, and providing a modified baseband OFDM signal with an increased frequency
8099000 Direct detection receiver using cross-polarization interferometer for polmux-ask system January 17, 2012
A differential delay detection system and method includes an optical splitter to split an incoming optical signal between a first path and a second path. The first path includes a cross-polarization interferometer configured to separately generate polarization independent outputs using
8064775 Generation of at least 100 Gbit/s optical transmission November 22, 2011
A method includes generating at least two lightwave carriers from a lightwave source, the carriers having a wavelength spacing, creating an up-subchannel and a down-subchannel orthogonal to one another and spaced apart based on the fixed wavelength spacing from modulations of the lig
8064774 High frequency optical millimeter-wave generation and wavelength reuse November 22, 2011
A method includes generating an optical millimeter wave signal for modulation of a first data signal, and deriving from the generated optical millimeter wave signal a subsequent light source for modulation of a second data signal. More specifically the generating includes modulating
8064768 Intra-channel equalizing optical interleaver November 22, 2011
An apparatus includes an interleaver configuration for at least one of combining or separating odd and even channel groups to achieve channel density doubling; and an optical equalizer for suppressing inter symbol interference within the channels to provide intra-channel equalizing in
8064766 Orthogonal frequency division multiple access based optical ring network November 22, 2011
A fiber optic network transmits data between a hub node and a plurality of local nodes connected by at least one unidirectional fiber ring. Downstream data streams are carried on wavelength-division-multiplexed optical carriers from the hub node to the local nodes. An optical carrier
7839784 Virtual circuit connectivity verification insertion for packet loss control in pseudowire November 23, 2010
A method includes inserting a virtual circuit connectivity verification packet into aggregated traffic of m packets transmitted over multiple pseudowires in a network path, replying to the transmitted m packets with a virtual circuit connectivity verification packet with a packet loss

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