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Walker; Dean M.
Loveland, CO
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D247430 Vehicle March 7, 1978
4930981 Low noise impeller June 5, 1990
A blower for fluidized particulates has a housing with an inlet in one wall. The housing defines a chamber which also has an outlet. A rotatably mounted shaft projects into the interior of the chamber. Circumferentially spaced around and projecting laterally from the shaft are a pluralit
4589249 Mowing apparatus May 20, 1986
A vehicle is controllably powered to be steerably moved over an area. Mountable on the front is a cutter assembly. Also mounted on the vehicle is a hopper. Mowed cuttings are delivered by a conduit from the cutter to the hopper. That hopper is positioned atop the vehicle and coupled to t
4386038 Evaporative cooler apparatus May 31, 1983
An evaporative cooling system includes a housing with an air outlet and inlet structure. An endless belt is of a material to which a liquid may cling and is transparent to air flow so as to achieve evaporation. A portion of the belt extends through a reservoir and the belt is driven in
4261930 Evaporative cooling system April 14, 1981
An evaporative cooling system includes a belt of a material to which a liquid may cling and which is sufficiently transparent to the flow of air therethrough to achieve evaporation of the liquid on the belt by the air. A portion of the belt dips into a reservoir of water. Air is propelle
4094935 Evaporative cooling system June 13, 1978
An evaporative cooling system includes a housing with an outlet in one wall and a pair of inlets in opposing other walls. A pair of endless belts are individually disposed inside the respective inlets with each belt being of a material to which a liquid may cling and transparent to air f

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