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Wakabayashi; Hiroyuki
Hachioji, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8177227 Sheet ejection device, image forming apparatus and post-processing apparatus May 15, 2012
A sheet ejection device capable of applying shift processing to the sheets on an ejection tray, using the alignment member contacting the sheets at a plurality of points in the direction in which the sheets are ejected.
8136807 Sheet aligning apparatus March 20, 2012
In a sheet aligning apparatus, a pair of sheet aligning members stops at three positions such that when a sheet aligning operation is not conducted, the pair of sheet aligning members is stopped at the first position of an upper level so as not to come in contact with sheets discharg
8132488 Sheet cutting device and sheet post-processing device March 13, 2012
A sheet cutting device, including a cutting blade for cutting a bundle of sheets, while moving in a slanted direction compounded by a direction perpendicular to the surface of sheet and a direction parallel to the sheet surface; a supporting member for supporting the bundle of sheets in
8104758 Sheet finisher and image forming system provided therewith January 31, 2012
A sheet finisher includes: a stacking section having a stacking surface arranged to be tilted, and a stopper located below the stacking surface; a sheet finishing section which post-processes for a sheet bundle that hits the stopper and is stacked on the stacking section; a conveying
8070150 Sheet ejection device, image forming apparatus and sheet finisher provided therewith December 6, 2011
A sheet ejection device includes: a sheet ejection tray adapted to stack a sheet ejected thereon; an alignment member which aligns a position in a width direction and a direction perpendicular to a sheet ejection direction of the sheet on the sheet ejection tray; and a supporting unit
7987751 Sheet trimming apparatus and image forming system August 2, 2011
A sheet trimming apparatus including: a trimming section provided with a trimming cutter blade for trimming a sheet bundle; a paper scrap container for storing paper scraps separated from the sheet bundle by the trimming cutter blade; and a paper scrap guide member, which is provided
7955040 Cutting device, finisher and image forming apparatus provided therewith June 7, 2011
A cutting device that cuts an edge portion of a sheet bundle to an even length, in which a plurality of sheet have been stacked, using a cutting blade, the cutting device includes: a paddle shaft capable of being rotated, which is connected to a drive source provided in the vicinity of
7891651 Post-processing apparatus and image forming system February 22, 2011
A post-processing apparatus including a conveyance unit containing a stacker for storing a plurality of sheets placed one on top of the other and a conveyance path having a curvature for ejecting a plurality of sheets placed one on top of the other in the stacker and a control sectio
7886643 Sheet cutting apparatus, sheet finisher provided therewith and image forming system equipped the February 15, 2011
A sheet cutting apparatus includes: a cutting blade for cutting an edge of a sheet bundle conveyed to a cutting position of the sheet bundle; a cutting blade moving section for moving obliquely the cutting blade with respect to a sheet surface of the sheet bundle; a fixed supporting tabl
7832716 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system November 16, 2010
A sheet processing apparatus including: a sheet supporting table that supports a sheet stack made of a plurality of sheets which have been folded; a stopper against which a first edge of the sheet stack which is a side to be cut of the sheet stack is pressed on the sheet supporting t
7616924 Sheet post-processing and image forming system with a sheet-trimming apparatus containing a blad November 10, 2009
A sheet-trimming apparatus having a blade-driving mechanism which presses a trimming blade against the sheet in a oblique direction to the sheet surface for trimming the sheet and a receiving-member driving mechanism which shifts a blade-receiving member receiving the trimming blade in t
7534061 Sheet cutting apparatus and image forming system May 19, 2009
Replacement time for the cutting board used in the sheet cutting apparatus is detected. A sheet cutting apparatus has a cutting blade to cut a set of sheets by moving in an oblique direction which includes first component of a perpendicular direction to a face of the set of sheets and
7506864 Cutting device, finisher and bookbinding system provided therewith March 24, 2009
A cutting device that cuts an edge portion of a sheet bundle having plural sheets stacked, includes: a cutting blade; a paddle provided on a side of the cutting blade, which removes chips attached to the cutting blade by rubbing a side surface of the cutting blade; a controller which con
7416354 Sheet cutting device, sheet finisher equipped therewith, and image forming system provided there August 26, 2008
A sheet cutting apparatus includes: a cutting blade for cutting a sheet; an inserting device for inserting the sheet into a cutting position to be cut by the cutting blade; a taking out device for taking out the sheet from the cutting position after the sheet has been cut by the cutting
7412201 Post-processing trimming apparatus and image-forming apparatus August 12, 2008
A post-processing apparatus which has a trimming apparatus for trimming an edge of sheets to make booklets, wherein the trimming apparatus has an inserting means for insertion of sheets into trimming process section of the trimming apparatus, an edge sustaining member and an edge holding
7328893 Finisher and image forming apparatus equipped therewith February 12, 2008
A finisher for finishing a booklet having a bundle of center-folded sheets, includes: a detector for detecting an end on a side of a folded portion of the booklet: a moving device for conveying the booklet by movement thereof; a controller for controlling the movement of the moving d
7255337 Oscillating transport unit for post-processing device August 14, 2007
A post processing apparatus for processing image-recorded sheets, having: a transporting unit for transporting a booklet comprising a plurality of image-recorded sheets; a trimming section for trimming the booklet; and an oscillating mechanism for oscillating the transporting unit to cha
7178799 Post processing device with saddle support February 20, 2007
An objective of the present invention is to provide a post processing apparatus to load a center-folded sheet on a loading member and unload the paper sheets when a number of sheet reaches a predetermined number without damages with sheets. A Post-processing apparatus having a center
7077798 Sheet folding apparatus, sheet folding method and image forming apparatus July 18, 2006
To avoid displacement of the fold formed on a sheet and misalignment between sheets when a fold is formed on a bundle of sheets stacked one on top of another, a sheet folding apparatus, for forming a plurality of folds on the sheet on which an image is formed, includes a first folding
6929256 Post processing device with saddle stitching August 16, 2005
An image forming apparatus integrally having a sheet post-processing apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a center folding unit for creasing, a stack unit which has an angular shape, and a pushing unit which pushes up the paper sheets stacked on said stack means. The appara
6730010 Sheet folding method, sheet folding apparatus, sheet finisher equipped therewith and image formi May 4, 2004
A sheet folding method has the first introduction process to introduce a sheet between the first rotary folding body and the first rotary pressure-contact body, and between the second rotary folding body and the second rotary pressure-contact body, respectively; the first folding pro
6719283 Sheet puncher, sheet finisher equipped with the sheet puncher and image forming apparatus using April 13, 2004
A sheet puncher includes; a reversal conveying section having a displaceable stopping member by which a sheet is stopped at a predetermined position, and punching device; a conveying-in and conveying-out section having a conveying-in device and conveying-out device by which the sheet
6575446 Image forming apparatus having sheet finisher June 10, 2003
An apparatus for finishing sheets is provided with a sheet conveyor to convey a sheet in a predetermined sheet conveyance direction on a sheet conveyance path; and a stapling device to conduct an edge stapling processing to put staple pins into an edge portion of sheets and a center
6568668 Sheet finisher and image forming apparatus therewith May 27, 2003
A sheet finisher includes: a sheet stacking section on which sheets are stacked; a pair of folding rollers for pressing and conveying the sheets; a roller driving device for driving the pair of folding rollers; a protruding member which is protruded toward a nipping position of the pair
6354059 Sheet finisher and image forming apparatus therewith March 12, 2002
A sheet finisher includes: a stacking member for aligning a plurality of recording sheets each on which an image has been recorded and for stacking the plurality of recording sheets thereon; a cover sheet feeding member having a cover sheet loading section for loading a cover sheet, for
5515150 Copying apparatus equipped with automatic document feeder for feed cut sheets and continuous fee May 7, 1996
A copying apparatus provided with an automatic document feeder having two sheet-discharging modes. One is a first-discharging mode in which a cut-sheet document subjected to exposure processing in an image reading section is conveyed to a sheet discharge section disposed on the downs

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