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Volz; Keith L.
Jamestown, NC
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5636996 Anisotropic interposer pad June 10, 1997
An anisotropic interposer pad (10) disposed between a first surface (11) and a second surface (12) in an electrical interface wherein the interface surfaces (11, 12) are non-compatible metals. The interposer pad (10) is a plastic layer (20) and a plurality of spaced-apart electrically co
5588846 Right angle electrical connector December 31, 1996
A connector (10) including a PC board (12) which is fastened to a block (30) and presses against an elastomeric electrical component (40). Electrical device (20) includes a circuit trace (23) and printed circuit board (12) includes a circuit trace (13) which both engage a flexible film
5584707 Chip socket system December 17, 1996
This invention is directed to a socket system for the receipt of an integrated circuit "chip", where such a chip, as known in the art, typically is a planar electronic device having plural leads extending from the periphery thereof. The system, operatively mounted to a planar electro
5531615 Coplanar computer docking apparatus July 2, 1996
The invention is directed to an electronic docking connector for edge mounting an electronic device, such as a daughter board, to a mother board. The connector comprises a pair of housing members assembled to define an elongated slot planarly aligned with the edge of the mother board
5493237 Integrated circuit chip testing apparatus February 20, 1996
This disclosure relates to testing apparatus (10), preferably an LGA burn-in test socket, for an integrated chip (28). The apparatus (10), arranged for mounting on a planar electronic device (46), such as a printed circuit board, includes a frame member (12) for mounting to the plana
5486771 Burn-in socket testing apparatus January 23, 1996
This invention is directed to a mechanical, robotically operated burn-in socket testing apparatus for integrated circuit "chips", where such chips, as known in the art, are typically planar electronic devices. The apparatus, operationally mounted to a planar electronic board, such as a
5462441 Low profile electrical connector October 31, 1995
The invention is directed to a low profile electrical connector (10) for mounting a flexible film (60) having circuitry thereon, for electrical interconnection to a planar electronic device, such as a PCB (42), upon which the connector is to be mounted. The connector comprises an elongat
5452183 Chip carrier system September 19, 1995
This invention is directed to a chip carrier system for mounting to a first planar electronic device, such as a motherboard or test fixture, where first planar electronic device is provided with a planar, electrical interconnection interface mounted thereto. The chip carrier system i
5402316 Computer docking stations and devices slidably inserted therein March 28, 1995
A docking station (10) slidably receives a device (12) to provide make, break or tap functions, respectively, in a circuit interface. The circuit interface includes a pair of connector housings (17, 18) provided with flexible (or compressible) electrical connectors (19, 20), respectively
5378169 Pivotal connector for planar electronic devices January 3, 1995
This invention is directed to an electrical connector for sequentially connecting plural contacts provided along the respective mating surfaces of a pair of planar electronic devices, where the devices are joined to or mounted within a pair of pivotally arranged housing members. The conn
5353191 Combination heat sink and housing for flexible electrical connector used in an electrical or ele October 4, 1994
A unitary heat sink and connector housing (10, 10', 10", 10"') is disposed between a pair of electrical members, such as printed circuit boards (11, 12, 31) and/or flexible etched circuits (32) in an overall assembly used in a variety of high-performance miniaturized electronic products.
5313368 Electrical connections between printed circuit boards and integrated circuits surface mounted th May 17, 1994
A flexible electrical connector (16) provides a circuit interface between the bent leads (12) of an integrated circuit package (10) and the respective circuit pads (14) of a printed circuit board (15). The integrated circuit package (10) is mounted on the surface of the printed circu
5310358 Computer docking system May 10, 1994
A computer docking system (10, 10') has a computer (11, 11') provided with a guide housing (12, 12') within which a device (13, 13') is slidably inserted. In one embodiment, the device (13) carries a pair of manually-releasable spring-loaded latches (24, 25) pivotally mounted thereon
5308249 Backplane connector utilizing flexible film circuitry May 3, 1994
The invention is directed to an electronic assembly, such as a backplane assembly of the type including a mother board, a connector housing mounted on the mother board, and a daughter board slidably insertable into the connector housing for electrical interconnection to the mother board.
5306161 Interface system for angularly-converging printed circuit boards April 26, 1994
A pair of printed circuit boards (11, 12) angularly converge towards each other about a pivot axis (13). Each of the boards (11, 12) carries a connector housing (16). The connector housings (16) are identical, but are inverted end-to-end with respect to each other, such that a plurality
5302853 Land grid array package April 12, 1994
A combination heat sink (18, 41, 43) and circuit interface comprises a metallic wafer (15) disposed between an integrated circuit (11) and a printed circuit board (14) in a land grid array package (10). A frame (13) for the integrated circuit (11) is nested within the heat sink (18, 41,
5297968 Pluggable connector systems for flexible etched circuits March 29, 1994
A pluggable connector system (10) has a male housing (11, 11', 11", 11"') snapped together with a female housing (12, 12', 12", 12"') thereby providing a quick-disconnect feature. One of the housings, or both, carries a flexible etched circuit (16). The flexible etched circuit (16) m
5295852 Coplanar computer docking system March 22, 1994
The invention hereof relates to electronic apparatus, such as a computer docking connector. More particularly, the invention relates to a docking connector for edge mounting to a "mother" board, where a "daughter" board, memory card, or similar device is inserted into said connector to
5277593 Compressible electrical connectors for large board spacings January 11, 1994
A compressible electrical connector (10) includes a rigid molded body (11) having elastomeric caps (19, 20) at the top (12) and bottom (13) thereof. A thin flexible film (21), provided with respective connector elements (22), is wrapped around the rigid molded body (11) and its caps (19,
5273450 Mechanical and electrical clamping mechanisms between a "mother" board and a "daughter" board in December 28, 1993
A connector body (10 10', 10") is mounted on a mother board (11) and has a compressible electrical connector (15). A daughter board (22) is slidably inserted into the connector body (10, 10', 10") perpendicularly of the mother board (11). A deflection means (34, 56) engages a side of the
5273441 SMA burn-in socket December 28, 1993
A burn-in socket for integrated circuit chips has a clamping means actuated by a thermally-reactive resilient means, operative during the burn-in cycle itself, such that the chip frames are retained and good electrical contact with the chip leads is maintained during burn-in.
5263868 Flexible circuit interface for coplanar printed circuit boards November 23, 1993
An interface for connecting coplanar printed circuit ("PC") boards (10, 20) using a flexible jumper circuit (50) for bridging the PC boards (10, 20), a base (80) underlying the second PC board and integrally attached thereto, and a support housing (30) with compression plugs (60) which m
5259770 Impedance controlled elastomeric connector November 9, 1993
An impedance controlled elastomeric connector (10) includes signal contacts (30) and ground contacts (40) with leads (32, 42) and a ground plane (25) formed of conductive foil (24) laminated to a dielectric and insulating film (18) folded around an elastomeric core (12) with the signal,
5241451 Modular electronic assemblies using compressible electrical connectors August 31, 1993
A molded connector housing (10) has respective pairs of integrally-molded latching fingers (18,20,21) for quick assembly to respective mother and daughter boards (11,12). A locking plunger (25) is received between the pairs of latching fingers (18,20,21) to secure the assembly. The plung
5236366 High density circuit connector August 17, 1993
A high density electrical connector (10) includes a pair of plastic housings (12, 14) spring loaded by springs (50) to be driven apart and including guide surfaces (24, 34) and guide holes (30) that guide pins (52) on a mating component (60) to assure a proper alignment between circu
5211566 Docking connector for disk drives May 18, 1993
A docking assembly including a guide housing (2) and camming assembly (38, 54 and 40) for mechanically interfacing a modular component (46) with a circuit board to thereby complete and protect multiple electrical connections therebetween. An interfacing connector (80) is also disclosed
5199882 Elastomeric wire to pad connector April 6, 1993
Component package (10) includes component (24) having conductive pads (26) attached to the lid (20) of a housing (30) containing wires (14) of a cable (12) positioned therewithin to be engaged by an elastomeric connector (42) having a resilient core (44) with a thin, dielectric film
5161981 Foldable stacking connector November 10, 1992
A high density connector (10) includes a plastic housing (12) with covers (30, 38) hinged to a frame (14) and foldable thereagainst to compress a plurality of circuits (60, 67) fitted between the covers to engage and compress elastomeric members (46, 54) and be interconnected thereby
5145381 Wedge driven elastomeric connector September 8, 1992
An electrical connector (12) employs wedges (72) to drive elastomeric inserts (42) having conductive traces (52) against the conductive traces (64, 66) of a printed circuit board (60) with the connector housing (14) clamping the insert to a further printed circuit (68) and conductive

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