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Vogt-Birnbrich; Bettina
Solingen, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7494716 Method for the anodic electrophoretic enamelling and electrophoretic paints February 24, 2009
Process for the anodic electro-dipcoating of conducting surfaces by dipping in an aqueous anodic electro-dipcoating bath and connecting up as the anode, in which an aqueous anodic electro-dipcoating bath is used that contains 1 to 15 wt. %, referred to the binder solids of the electr
7112628 Aqueous electrodeposition paints and the production and use thereof September 26, 2006
Aqueous electrophoretic lacquer capable of being deposited cataphoretically, containing A) an aqueous dispersion of cationically modified polyurethane (meth)acrylates (a1) with terminal, ethylenically unsaturated (meth)acrylic double bonds, and reactive thinner (a2) with at least two
6811825 Aqueous dispersion comprising polyurethane-based resins and water-insoluble cellulose ester, met November 2, 2004
Aqueous binder dispersion which is suitable for the preparation of coating compositions for multilayer lacquerings and is based on polyurethane resins, which can be (meth)acrylated, the optionally (meth)acrylated polyurethane dispersion particles comprising 0.5 to 5 wt. %, based on t
6566444 Water-dilutable binder agent composition May 20, 2003
Water-dilutable binder composition containing one or more water-dilutable hydroxy-functional polyurethane urea paste resins having a urea group content (calculated as --NHCONH--) of from 10 to 300 mmol, a urethane group content (calculated as --NHCOO--) of from 20 to 300 mmol, in each
6509411 Aqueous electrodeposition coating, the production and use thereof January 21, 2003
Aqueous, anodically precipitable electrodeposition lacquer, containing A) an aqueous dispersion consisting of anionically modified polyurethane (meth)acrylates (a1) having terminal, ethylenically unsaturated (meth)acrylic double bonds, and reactive thinners (a2) having at least two et
6506825 Aqueous electrophoretic enamels containing solid urea compounds January 14, 2003
Use of solid, finely divided urea compounds to prevent edge migration when stoving electrophoretically deposited electrodeposition lacquers, and electrodeposition lacquers with a content of 0.1 to 5 wt. % of urea compound, related to resin solids.
6437041 Aqueous coating agent, preparation of the same and use thereof for multi-layered lacquering August 20, 2002
Aqueous coating agents suitable for multi-layered finishes containing an aqueous binder dispersion based on polyurethane/polymer hybrid polymers with a ratio by weight of polyurethane fraction to polymer fraction of 0.1:1 to 50:1, with a hydroxyl value of 0 to 150 mg KOH/g, an acid value
6433072 Pigment paste, paste resin, coating agents and the use thereof August 13, 2002
A pigment paste containing water-dilutable hydroxy-functional polyurethaneurea paste resins with a urea group content (calculated as --NHCONH--) of 10 to 300 mmol, a urethane group content (calculated as --NHCOO--) of 20 to 300 mmol, each per 100 g of solid resin, an OH value of 20 t
6432485 Epoxide/amine based aqueous coating agents and use thereof in multicoat lacquers August 13, 2002
An aqueous surface coating agent containing A) an amine component consisting of aminourethanes Al), which are obtainable by reacting compounds with at least one cyclic carbonate group with amines with at least one primary amine group, wherein the ratio of the number of cyclic carbonat
6355303 Process for the preparation of multi-layer coatings of the water-borne base coat/powder clear co March 12, 2002
A process for multi-layer coating by application of a base coat layer of a water-borne base coat to a substrate and subsequent application of a clear coat layer of a powder clear coat, followed by joint baking of both coating layers, wherein said water-borne base coat contains an effecti
6350809 Water-borne base coats and process for preparing water-borne base coat/clear coat-two-layer coat February 26, 2002
Water-borne base coats, the resin solid of which contain 40 to 90 wt-% of a water-dilutable polyester binder, 0 to 50 wt-% of one or more additional binders, 0 to 20 wt-% of one or more paste resins and 10 to 40 wt-% of one or more cross-linking agents, wherein the water-dilutable polyes
6350358 Anodic electrophoretic coating method February 26, 2002
A method for anodic electro-dip lacquer coating, wherein coating medium which is consumed in an anodic electro-dip bath is compensated for by an under-neutralised anodic replenishment material, wherein the replenishment material comprisesA) a pigment-free aqueous binder vehicle component
6258875 Aqueous dispersions of epoxy resins July 10, 2001
Aqueous dispersions of modified epoxy resins with a urethane and a urea group content of 5-250 mmol, based on 100 g solid content of the dispersion, containing one or more modified epoxy resins A) having an epoxy equivalent weight of 250-10,000, whereby the modified epoxy resins A) a
6165561 Multilayered enamelling process December 26, 2000
This invention relates to a process for the production of a multilayer lacquer coating on a substrate having an autophoretically coatable, metallic surface, in which a first priming coat of an autophoretically depositable coating composition is autophoretically deposited and then sto
6093299 Stove-enamel coating media and the use thereof July 25, 2000
This invention relates to a stove-enamel coating medium based on at least one binder vehicle selected from amino(meth)acrylate resins and/or epoxide-amine addition products comprising cationic groups and/or groups which can be converted into cationic groups. The binder vehicle additi
6069218 Aqueous coatings, the production thereof and the use thereof in the production of multi-layer pa May 30, 2000
Aqueous coatings for the multi-layer painting of motor vehicles based on one or more binders and optionally crosslinking agents, pigments and/or fillers, paint industry additives and/or solvents, which contain as binder an aqueous dispersion based on polyurethane/polymer hybrid polymers
6001924 Aqueous polymer/polyurethane resin binder vehicle dispersion and the production thereof, and coa December 14, 1999
An aqueous binder vehicle dispersion and coating media, which can be used for multi-layer coating, wherein the dispersion is obtainable by the reaction ofI. 20 to 97% by weight of a polyurethane(-urea) resin containing groups which are reactive towards a chain extender IV), having a numb
5908895 Aqueous dispersion of silane-functional polyurethane resins, coating compositions and use thereo June 1, 1999
Aqueous dispersion of silane-functional polyurethane resins having a number average molecular weight of 10000 to 500000 and a silicon content of 1 to 30 mmol per 100 g of resin solids obtainable by reacting(A) adducts containing NCO groups, which adducts are obtainable by reactinga) one or m
5886085 Aqueous coating media and their use in single-layer and multi-layer coating processes March 23, 1999
Coating media and their use in processes for producing single-layer and multi-layer coatings are described. The coating media contain an aqueous mixture comprisingI. 99-70% by weight of a mixture ofA) 50-100% by weight of one or more binder vehicles which at least in part contain ionic g
5854329 Water-thinnable dispersion, a process for producing it, and coating media December 29, 1998
This invention relates to a water-thinnable dispersion of one or more cationically modified and urethane-modified (meth)acrylic copolymers, which are produced by the solution polymerisation of unsaturated monomers which are polymerisable by a radical mechanism, or of a mixture of such
5760123 Aqueous dispersion of polyurethanes containing siloxane linkages, production thereof and use in June 2, 1998
Aqueous dispersion of one or more polyurethane resins with a number average molecular weight (Mn) of 2500 to 1000000, a content of 2 to 150 mmol of siloxane linkages (--Si--O--Si--) per 100 g of solid resin, a hydroxyl value of 0 to 100 and a content of ionic groups, groups convertible i
5681622 Process for producing decorative multiple-layer coatings October 28, 1997
A process and a coating medium for producing a decorative multilayer coating on a substrate, wherein a base lacquer coat is applied and is overpainted with a transparent lacquer coat, wherein an aqueous, self-crosslinking base lacquer is used, which contains, as a binder vehicle, an
5569705 Aqueous dispersion of polyurethane resins, the production thereof and polyurethane macromers sui October 29, 1996
There are described aqueous dispersions of polyurethane resins, the production thereof and their use in aqueous coating agents, said dispersions being obtainable in aqueous or non-aqueous phase froma) polyurethane resins with at least one CH acidic group, an ionic or non-ionic hydrophili
5552496 Aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion, processes for its preparation, and its use in aqueous coa September 3, 1996
An aqueous coating composition which is self-drying or is crosslinked by external agents, processes and dispersions for its preparation and its use. The coating composition comprises:I) 40 to 100% by weight of a film-former in the form of an aqueous dispersion of one or more polyurethane

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