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Ueda; Yoshihiro
Amagasaki, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5243230 Semiconductor switching apparatus September 7, 1993
A pulse generator circuit which comprises a power supply source for outputting a high voltage signal. A first capacitor is charged with the high voltage signal output by the power supply source. A load device is supplied with the high voltage signal charged in the first capacitor. A
5122674 Semiconductor switching apparatus June 16, 1992
In a pulse generator circuit for a laser unit etc., plural semiconductor switches arranged in matrix alignment on an outer surface of a first tube are connected in series and parallel with one another, and an end of each series-connection of the semiconductor switches is electrically con
4815091 Metal vapor laser March 21, 1989
In a metal vapor laser, (e.g. copper vapor laser), the innermost heat shield (15) of Mo, Ta or W, which is disposed with a predetermined gap (preferably sufficiently larger than 0.3 mm) to the outer surface of the seal tube (8), is connected at respective ends to the anode terminal (2)
4716295 Ion beam generator December 29, 1987
An ion beam generator having an ion generating section for generating ions where the material to be ionized is introduced and a light source for introducing a light into the ion generating sections. This light has a wavelength such that it excites the material to be ionized to the in
4692627 Ion beam generator September 8, 1987
An ion beam generator includes: an ion generating section for generating ions and where the material to be ionized is introduced; a gas discharge device for exciting the material to be ionized to a low excited state; a light source for introducing a light into the ion generating section,
4445020 Circuit interrupter April 24, 1984
A circuit interrupter comprises a pair of mutually detachable contacts;a cylinder-piston negative pressure device for providing a negative pressure by detaching said contacts; anda suction guide for feeding the arcing formed by the detaching operation of said contacts, into said cylinder-pis
4359616 Self-extinguishing switch November 16, 1982
A hollow cylindrical member includes a compression chamber and a reservoir partitioned by a circumferential step disposed on its inner wall surface and filled with an arc-extinguishing fluid. A piston loaded with a spring forms stationary contact and is slidably fitted into the compressi
4306130 Arc self-extinguishing switch device December 15, 1981
A switch comprises an envelope including a pressure increasing compartment filled with an arc extinguishing fluid. A slit extends through one longitudinal side of the envelope to communicate with the compartment. A movable contact member having a flat cross section normally extends t
4264795 Switching device April 28, 1981
An outer arc extinguishing compartment is disposed coaxially with an inner arc extinguishing compartment and partly projects under one end thereof. A movable contact member extends through both compartments and separably engages a stationary contact member located within the inner compar
4239949 Self-extinguishing type circuit interrupter December 16, 1980
A self-extinguishing circuit interrupter wherein a pair of separable contacts is disposed within an arc extinguishing gas. Energy of an electric arc established between the separated contacts is utilized to increase the pressure of the arc extinguishing gas, and the high pressure gas
4228332 Gas pressure circuit interrupter October 14, 1980
A circuit interrupter comprises a pair of contacts in a container filled with a gas for extinction; an insulation nozzle around the contacts to form an arc chamber; a gas chamber which is connected to the arc chamber under departing the contacts. The gas pressure in the arc chamber and t
4139752 Gas-type circuit-breaker February 13, 1979
An improved gas-type circuit-interrupter is provided having a pair of separable contacts, which establish an arc upon separation within a confined casing having a nozzle structure. The arrangement is such that during the initial portion of the opening operation of the interrupter, th

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