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Tunnell; George W.
Foster City, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5112566 Device for dimensionally characterizing elongate components May 12, 1992
Disclosed is a device for measuring dimensional characteristics of an elongate component which comprises:(a) an elongate rigid support that bears (i) an upper platform upon which is mounted a drive; (ii) a clamp mechanism for securing said component about its proximal end in a reference
5014439 Quality assurance apparatus for dimensionally inspecting elongated components May 14, 1991
To measure the dimensional characteristics of elongated flow channels for nuclear fuel rod assemblies at the manufacturing site, an upender is utilized to swing a flow channel from a horizontal loading orientation to an upright pre-measurement position and then to shift the flow channel
4980119 Multizone automated nuclear fuel rod loading system December 25, 1990
Pellet trays bearing rows of fuel pellets of known enrichment concentrations are retrieved from selected storage elevators and successively conveyed to a zone makeup machine. Parallel rows of pellets are raked from each tray and advanced over a longitudinally elongated, grooved loadi
4701621 Monitor for airborne radioactive particles October 20, 1987
A monitor for detecting airborne radioactive particulates is disclosed. An elongate strip of filter paper is fed across first and second air inlet ports of a collection chamber. Ambient air is selectively drawn into the chamber through a selected one of the inlet ports and out an through
4649632 Fuel bundle assembly machine March 17, 1987
An apparatus is provided for the automatic assembly of nuclear fuel rod bundles in a predetermined coordinate array. Each fuel rod is identified during its travel and positioned according to an identifying code carried on its lower end plug which designates the fuel enrichment and additi
4620099 Automated monitoring of fissile and fertile materials in incinerator residue October 28, 1986
A system for determining the radioactive materials content of the ash or residue from an incinerator of contaminated materials contained in cans. The system includes can handling apparatus, a neutron source for activating the material and neutron and gamma ray detectors for detecting

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