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Tsutsumi; Tadahiko
Suzuka, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5011556 Process for the production of polyvinylidene fluoride laminated product April 30, 1991
A process for producing a laminated product of a polyvinylidene fluoride layer and a rubber-like polymer layer is disclosed. In the process, an adhesive containing (a) a rubber-like polymer, (b) an oxide or hydroxide of a metal belonging to Groups II to IV of the Periodic Table, and (c)
4563505 Process for producing thermoplastic graft copolymer resin containing nitrile January 7, 1986
A process for producing a thermoplastic resin by polymerizing a monomer mixture consisting of an unsaturated nitrile monomer and an alkenyl aromatic hydrocarbon monomer in the presence of a rubbery polymer latex, characterized in that(a) at first, a monomer mixture having an unsaturated
4563393 Laminate of polyvinylidene fluoride bonded to thermoplastic resin January 7, 1986
A laminate consisting essentially of a layer of a thermoplastic resin (A) and a layer of a vinylidene fluoride resin (B), the layer of the resin (A) containing (C) polymerized units of an ethylenic unsaturated carboxylic acid ester in a proportion of 3 to 80% by weight based on the total
4396654 Impact resistant resin composition August 2, 1983
When the impact resistant resin composition comprising a graft polymer in which an aromatic alkenyl compound and an alkenyl cyanide compound are grafted on a rubbery polymer, and a matrix consisting essentially of an aromatic alkenyl compound-alkenyl cyanide compound copolymer satisfies

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