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Tsutsui; Mototake
Ichihara, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6441111 Polydisperse propylene polymer and process for producing the same August 27, 2002
A polydisperse propylene polymer characterized by being produced by polymerizing a propylene monomer or a mixed monomer of propylene and other olefin(s) by a multistage polymerization wherein the polymerization conditions are stepwise changed in the presence of a supported metallocene
6410662 Process for the preparation of olefin (co) polymers, olefin copolymers, and application thereof June 25, 2002
Disclosed is a process for producing olefin polymers or copolymers which can freely regulates the molecular weight of the polymers or copolymers as well as novel olefin polymers or copolymers excellent in rigidity, heat-resisting property and transparency, moldings and compositions t
6388040 Propylene/ethylene/.alpha.-olefin terpolymers and processes for the production thereof May 14, 2002
A propylene/ethylene/.alpha.-olefin terpolymer characterized in thati) there is from 0.01 mol % to less than 15 mol % of a comonomer unit with a molar ratio of ethylene units/C.sub.4 -C.sub.20 .alpha.-olefin units being in the range of from 6.5.times.10.sup.-4 to 0.99, and from more than
6365689 Propylene/ethylene random copolymer, molding material, and molded article April 2, 2002
The present invention provides propylene/ethylene random copolymers characterized in that:an ethylene content (Ew) is 0.1-10 wt %,a relationship between an isolated ethylene content (E.sub.1) and the ethylene content (Ew) is represented by the following equation2,1- and 1,3-propylene units p
6344528 Catalyst for olefin (CO) polymerization and process for the production of olefin (CO) polymers February 5, 2002
To provide a catalyst for olefin (co)polymerization which shows a high polymerization activity and which can produce olefin (co)polymers having a high molecular weight and a narrow molecular weight distribution; the catalyst for olefin (co)polymerization is rendered a carried type cataly
6326432 Polypropylene composition December 4, 2001
Disclosed is a polypropylene composition excellent in balance of low temperature impact-strength, rigidity, heat resistance and transparency, which is featured by comprising 20-95% by weight of a polypropylene defined in the following [I] and 5-80% by weight of a propylene-.alpha.-ol
6303698 Propylene copolymer and process for the production thereof October 16, 2001
Disclosed is propylene copolymers produced by the aid of a specific metallocene catalyst system, wherein a percentage of mis-insertion in the copolymer is highly controlled and the copolymers possess beat-resisting property and a high melt strength and a low MFR and are narrow in mol

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