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Tsunoda; Kazuyuki
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7550562 Pemphigus monoclonal antibody June 23, 2009
The present invention provides a monoclonal antibody having a pathogenic activity that can induce pemphigus lesion, a peptide specifically recognized by the monoclonal antibody and useful as a therapeutic drug for pemphigus autoimmune disease, etc. As anti-mouse Dsg3 antibody-produci
6246335 Portable information equipment system and control method thereof June 12, 2001
A portable information equipment system including of a paging data receiver and portable information equipment. The paging data receiver has an intermittent receiving circuit for intermittently receiving radio selective calling signals and a notification circuit for notifying recepti
5463368 Method of setting an inaudible alert mode in a radio pager October 31, 1995
In order to change a subscriber alert mode of a radio pager from an audible alert mode to an inaudible alert mode, a normally open function switch is depressed while the radio pager operates in the audible alert mode. The function switch is subsequently depressed. Following this, a timer
5369799 Radio pager with variable gain setting controlled according to presence and absence of sync code November 29, 1994
A radio pager has a variable gain adjustable to high setting for normal reception or low setting at which the strength of intermodulation products is reduced in relation to the strength of a desired signal. A sync code contained in a received signal is detected to establish synchronizati
5287099 Multi-alert radio paging system February 15, 1994
A multi-alert paging receiver of this invention includes a decoder. The decoder constitutes ON durations of alert signals corresponding to the plurality of addresses by using combinations of at least two tones having different frequencies including a specific frequency.
5274369 Radio paging receiver consuming less electric power December 28, 1993
A radio paging receiver having a primary power source, and outputs boosted by DC--DC converters as its secondary power sources. The radio paging receiver is provided with a first DC--DC converter which operates all the time or while the power source is on and a second DC--DC converter wh
5221923 Radio communication apparatus capable of generating a common call tone regardless of call number June 22, 1993
In a radio communication apparatus for selectively receiving call signals indicative of call numbers, respectively, a decoder receives, in cooperation with a P-ROM, each of the call signals as a received signal and processes the received signal into a common call tone signal represen
5077829 Radio communication apparatus in which a particular call can be surely informed to a possessor o December 31, 1991
In a radio communication apparatus in which an audible tone is generated (21-22) in response to reception (15-17, 19) of either a primary or a secondary call signal and stopped by a reset switch (23), the audible tone is stopped (172, 18) when the secondary call signal is received. When
4935745 Card-type radio receiver having slot antenna integrated with housing thereof June 19, 1990
A slot antenna is integrated with and forms part of the housing for a miniature radio receiver having dimensions comparable to the dimensions of a credit card. The antenna is formed by three plates arranged to have a generally U-shaped cross section. One plate is on one side of and is
4920353 Antenna for portable radio communication apparatus April 24, 1990
An antenna for use with a miniature portable radio communication apparatus such as a paging receiver which is powered by a flat ultrathin lithium battery. At least a part of the antenna is implemented by a conductive sheath member which constitutes a positive terminal or a negative termi
4876536 Paging receiver with a light emitting element flashing circuit October 24, 1989
A paging receiver or a miniature receiver having a light emitting flashing circuit is provided in which a single boosting coil is shared by two light emitting elements and therefore the number of boosting coils required is one-half the number of light emitting diodes.
4713659 Pager with display December 15, 1987
A pager with a passive display, for example, a liquid crystal display, also has a sensor for sensing ambient light levels. The display is automatically illuminated when the ambient light level falls below a given threshold and the sensor is then either altered to detect a higher light
4660032 Radio paging receiver operable on a word-scrolling basis April 21, 1987
A radio paging receiver comprises a linear array of display elements, a memory having a plurality of storage locations for storing a received message code therein, and a microprocessor-based decoder. The microprocessor-based decoder is responsive to a received preamble code for detec
4646081 Radio paging receiver operable on a word scrolling basis February 24, 1987
A radio paging receiver comprises a linear array of display elements, a memory having a plurality of storage locations for storing a received message code therein, and a microprocessor-based decoder. The microprocessor-based decoder is responsive to a received preamble code for detec
4639726 Radio communication apparatus disabled on reception of a predetermined signal January 27, 1987
In a radio communication apparatus comprising a P-ROM (32), a loudspeaker (34), and/or a display unit (36) and carrying out a receiving operation of selectively receiving a call signal specific to the apparatus by the use of an identification number read out of the P-ROM, a predetermined
4536761 Radio paging receiver having display control means August 20, 1985
A radio paging receiver which generates an alert tone and a message display on receipt of a selective calling signal, includes a manually operated non-lock type switch which generates first and second control signals. The first control signal stops the generation of the alert tone while

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