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Tsukagoshi; Takuya
Sagamihara, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7876664 Optical recording medium January 25, 2011
An optical recording medium including three or more recording layers is provided. The optical recording medium includes an L0 layer, an L1 layer, an L2 layer, and an L3 layer as the recording layers and first to third light transmitting spacer layers respectively arranged between the
7872787 Holographic multiplex recording method, holographic recording apparatus and holographic recordin January 18, 2011
A holographic multiplex recording method which can keep a recording data rate constant and equalize nonuniformity in recording due to vibrations or the like, and a holographic recording apparatus and a holographic recording medium, which employ the method. In a process of multiplex-r
7869106 Holographic recording method, holographic recording apparatus, holographic recording and reprodu January 11, 2011
A holographic recording method, a holographic recording apparatus, a holographic recording and reproducing method, a holographic recording and reproducing apparatus, and a holographic recording medium for recording information in an angle multiplex fashion as a hologram in a first format
7826333 Optical recording medium November 2, 2010
An optical recording medium has a plurality of information layers which are placed between a substrate and an optically transparent cover layer with optically transparent spacer layers interposed between the information layers. From among the plurality of information layers, the info
7760407 Multilayer holographic recording medium and manufacturing method of the same, multilayer hologra July 20, 2010
A multilayer holographic recording medium that improves recording density and data transfer rates. The multilayer holographic recording medium, from which information is reproduced by a multilayer holographic memory reproducing apparatus, includes a plurality of deposited holographic
7757095 Personal identification method, personal identification system, and optical information recordin July 13, 2010
In a personal identification system 10 for identifying a user on the basis of biometric information, a hologram is formed in a holographic recording portion 13 of an optical information recording medium 12. The hologram is provided by the interference between a reference beam subjected t
7715072 Hologram retrieval method and holographic recording and reproducing apparatus May 11, 2010
Provided is a hologram retrieval method and a holographic recording and reproducing apparatus for preventing an increase in SNR, a decrease in retrieval accuracy, or the retrieval itself from being made impossible, which would otherwise occur because of a small size of data used for
7688698 Holographic recording method and apparatus March 30, 2010
When recording on a holographic recording medium by using a recording beam, the time required for an asking servo control to recover is reduced to increase the data transfer rate. In the holographic recording apparatus 10, a laser beam from a laser light source 16 is formed into a co
7678506 Holographic recording medium and method for manufacturing the same March 16, 2010
A holographic recording medium in which a thick holographic recording layer is formed without the use of multilayering and without accompanying thickness unevenness, scattering, and nonuniformity of dynamic range, and a method for manufacturing the same. The holographic recording medium
7675838 Optical recording medium March 9, 2010
A multilayer optical recording medium comprises four recording layers including an L0 layer, an L1 layer, an L2 layer, and L3 layer laminated between a substrate and an optically transparent cover layer and optically transparent spacer layers each provided between the recording layer
7672210 Holographic recording medium, method for recording and reproducing the same, and reproducing app March 2, 2010
A holographic recording medium 10 is configured to have a recording layer 12 on which information can be recorded as holograms; and first and second heat generating layers 14A and 14B provided in a pair so as to sandwich the recording layer 12. Then, the first and second heat generat
7643229 Optical system January 5, 2010
An optical system includes a negative refraction lens and a compensating element. The negative refraction lens is a flat plate formed by a material exhibiting negative refraction, and a surface on which light is incident and a surface from which the light is emerged are formed to be
7639593 Multi-layer optical recording medium and method for evaluating optical recording system December 29, 2009
A multi-layer optical recording medium in which an effect of an interlayer crosstalk can be accurately measured and a method for evaluating a recording system using the same are provided. The multi-layer optical recording medium has a signal intensity measuring region formed in advan
7589876 Holographic memory reproduction method and apparatus September 15, 2009
A method and apparatus for performing reproduction position servo-control without reducing the recording capacity of a holographic recording medium. Upon the reproduction of a holographic recording medium 18, part of a reproduction beam serving as a servo beam is projected onto a rec
7583422 Holographic recording medium and holographic recording and reproducing method September 1, 2009
A white-light reconstruction hologram and a Fourier hologram for data can be recorded in a same holographic recording medium. The holographic recording medium includes, in a substantially identical plane, a white-light reconstruction holographic recording layer region capable of form
7554706 Holographic recording method, apparatus therefor, and holographic recording and reproducing appa June 30, 2009
A holographic recording method and apparatus capable of performing phase code multiplex recording without employing a phase spatial light modulator. The holographic recording apparatus 10 performs phase spatial modulation of a reference beam to be projected onto a holographic recordi
7545723 Holographic recording medium, method for manufacturing the same, and holographic recording-repro June 9, 2009
In a holographic recording medium, noise is prevented from being generated by servo light in a recording layer without scarifying recording regions. A holographic recording medium 12 has a servo layer 16 formed on a recording layer 14 on a substrate 13 via a spacer layer 15. The servo
7545546 Holographic recording medium and method for manufacturing the same June 9, 2009
A holographic recording medium which has parallelism of high precision and causes little substrate deformation ascribable to contraction of its recording areas when recording interference fringes, and a method for manufacturing the same. The holographic recording medium has a hologra
7542185 Holographic recording medium, holographic record erasing method, and holographic recording and r June 2, 2009
A holographic record erasing method and a holographic recording and reproducing apparatus in which data reproduction can be disabled without irradiating a holographic recording medium with a high energy erasing beam or physically destroying the medium. A holographic recording medium
7532373 Holographic recording method, holographic recording apparatus, holographic memory reproducing me May 12, 2009
The pitch of light beam spots on a light receiving surface of an address detector upon search of information recorded on a holographic recording medium is decreased to reduce a distance between the holographic recording medium and the address detector. In a holographic recording and
7518972 Holographic multiplex recording method April 14, 2009
A holographic multiplex recording method is provided in which remaining dynamic range in each recording area is made more uniform upon holographic multiplex recording. In this holographic recording method, a first-stage recording spot row RX.sub.1 is formed by arranging recording spo
7483191 Holographic recording method, holographic memory reproduction method, holographic recording appa January 27, 2009
A holographic recording and reproduction apparatus has a spatial light modulator for converting digital information to a two-dimensional image and for intensity modulating an object beam based on the two-dimensional image. The spatial light modulator is configured to employ four or more
7446916 Holographic recording and reproduction apparatus, and method with temperature adjustment device November 4, 2008
A holographic memory reproduction apparatus which makes a wavelength of a reproducing laser beam coincident with a wavelength of a laser beam used for holographic recording when information is reproduced from a holographic recording medium. In the holographic memory reproduction appa
7411736 Image detection method and image detecting apparatus August 12, 2008
An image detection method includes steps of transferring image information in which, information of an object image on a sample (object plane) is transferred to a detection plane (image plane) of an imaging element via an optical system which includes a negative refraction lens formed of
7385741 Holographic recording system and optical chopper June 10, 2008
A holographic recording system with a simple structure is provided that can make a holographic recording beam follow a recording medium traveling even at high speed. The holographic recording system 10 includes a chopper lens 30 that travels in synchronization with and in a same dire
7304774 Holographic recording medium December 4, 2007
A holographic recording medium 10 includes: a recording layer 12; two substrates 14 and 16 sandwiching the same; and a photosensitive protective layer 18 covering these recording layer 12 and substrates 14 and 16 entirely. The recording layer 12 is set so that its photosensitivity co
7274497 Holographic recording medium, method for adding address information to same, and method of addre September 25, 2007
Provided are a holographic recording medium, a method for adding address information to the holographic recording medium, and a method for addressing that can identify two-dimensional information pages by a simple addressing operation. In the holographic recording medium 12, two-dime

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