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Tsuji; Masatoshi
Otsu, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8013309 Microwave sensor capable of preventing false alarms due to a bush or tree or the like swaying in September 6, 2011
A movement distance measuring device that measures, as a movement distance, an amount of change per unit of time in a distance to a detected detection target object, an alarm signal output control device that performs control such that an alarm signal is outputted when the measured m
7760088 Intrusion detection sensor July 20, 2010
According to an embodiment, an intrusion detection sensor includes a microwave sensor (120) that transmits microwaves toward a detection area, receives the microwaves reflected by an object present in the detection area, and outputs a reflected wave reception intensity signal according
7256376 Microwave sensor and mutual interference preventing system between microwave sensors August 14, 2007
A microwave sensor is provided that transmits microwaves toward a detection area, performs an object detecting operation based on reflected waves from an object being present in the detection area, and outputs an object detection signal based on a result of the abject detecting opera
7176829 Microwave sensor February 13, 2007
In one embodiment of a microwave sensor, when a "low" plants countermeasure is conducted, if an alert has been generated 5 times or more within 1 minute, an object decision move distance is changed to be longer and a "high" plants countermeasure is conducted. Subsequently, when assum
7167008 Microwave sensor for object detection based on reflected microwaves January 23, 2007
A microwave sensor transmits a plurality of microwaves of different frequencies toward a detection area and carries out an object detection operation based on reflected waves of the microwaves from an object present in the detection area. The microwave sensor includes a distance iden
7026601 Sensor system, and sensor apparatus and reception apparatus used in the sensor system April 11, 2006
For a carrier wave carrying a microwave from an MW sensor 1, pulse intervals are varied between when the MW sensor 1 generates an alert and when the MW sensor 1 does not generate an alert. When checking a sensing area, an operator carries a receiver being able to receive a transmitted

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