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Tsang; Kinhing Paul
Plymouth, MN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7741980 Providing running digital sum control in a precoded bit stream using precoder aware encoding June 22, 2010
A system includes a precoder-aware running digital sum (RDS) encoder that encodes user data as w-bit sub-blocks, to produce an encoded data block that meets block RDS constraints and consists of encoded data sub-blocks that meet sub-block RDS constraints. The sub-block constraints includ
7683810 Code design with decreased transition density and reduced running digital sum March 23, 2010
In accordance with one or more embodiments data may be encoded into a code word that meets run length constraints and has a reduced running digital sum by encoding (N-y)-1 data bits and y flag bits into m first n-bit patterns that form a first N-bit code word, producing a second N-bit co
7088268 DC free code design with state dependent mapping August 8, 2006
A codeword for use in a communication channel is provided. A first segment of the codeword includes a plurality of bits having a running digital sum (RDS) and a second segment includes a plurality of bits based on the RDS of the first segment.
6867713 DC free code design with state dependent mapping March 15, 2005
A method of encoding digital information in a system is provided. The method includes receiving a sequence of user-bits and calculating a running digital sum (RDS) of the system. Also, a code word is generated based on the sequence of user bits and the RDS of the system to maintain t
6839004 High rate run length limited code January 4, 2005
Methods of encoding and decoding, as well as an encoding system and a digital communications system are provided for encoding data words into code words and decoding code words into data words. The data words are encoded according to a run-length-limited (RLL) code of "k" constraint,
6467060 Mass storage error correction and detection system, method and article of manufacture October 15, 2002
Data integrity is increased on mass-storage devices through a scheme whereby, a frame-based cyclic redundancy code (CRC) for each sector is recorded. A frame-based CRC is generated from the CRCs of the frames that compose a sector of data. In recording data, a CRC is generated from each
6198582 Efficient run length limited code with short interleaved constraint March 6, 2001
An encoder and a method of encoding successive data words into successive code words for transmission through a channel is provided. The encoder divides each successive data word into first and second portions. The first portion of each successive data word is mapped into a corresponding
5781133 Method and apparatus for implementing run length limited codes July 14, 1998
An apparatus encodes data blocks into code blocks, each code block containing more symbols than its respective data block. The apparatus includes a data block latch for receiving individual data blocks and for dividing each data block into two sub-blocks. An encoder receives one of t

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