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Timm; Heinrich
Ingolstadt, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5645312 Supporting structure of a body of a passenger car July 8, 1997
A rear support structure for the coachwork of a passenger vehicle having closed loop interconnected frame members including a longitudinally extending bottom sill connected at its rearward portion to the forward portion of a rear wheel housing carrier member. The rearward portion of
5514481 Light metal casting May 7, 1996
A light metal casting for use in combination with a metal holder for mounting heavy subassemblies, such as doors or the like, to a light metal frame member of a light metal vehicle body framework, including a first, vertical leg portion having an outward facing surface to which a metal
5466035 Improved vehicle front-end support structure for a passenger car November 14, 1995
The invention relates to an improved vehicle bodywork for a passenger car with a bearing structure of light-metal extruded sections connected together by cast light metal joining elements. The joining element is disposed on the A pillar assembly and is fitted between a downward sloping
5419610 Reinforcement of a sheet metal component in a vehicle bodywork May 30, 1995
The invention relates to a reinforcement assembly for a sheet metal component in a vehicle bodywork by a second reinforcement piece formed as an extruded light metal section which is additionally secured thereto. The sheet metal component to be reinforced runs straight in a first spatial
5411308 Girder assembly for a light alloy motor vehicle body May 2, 1995
In a light-metal vehicle body, a girder assembly joins a first longitudinal girder member located in a forecarriage region of the vehicle body to a second, laterally offset, and generally longitudinally oriented side sill member. The girder assembly includes a pair of open shell-shaped,
5399046 Member joint March 21, 1995
A longitudinal bearer joint assembly for joining the abutting ends of two axially aligned, extruded light-metal bearer members of a front end longitudinal bearer assembly in a passenger car bodywork. The two bearer members are designed with different cross sectional profiles and wall
5393095 Apparatus and method for replacement of a bearer member of a longitudinal bearer joint in a moto February 28, 1995
A bearer joint for a vehicle bodywork, and in particular a longitudinal front bearer joint, and a method for placing a aluminum bearer member on the bearer joint in the vehicle bodywork. The bearer joint comprises a cast aluminum connector for joining together a first forward bearer memb
5385383 Door pillar for passenger car coachwork January 31, 1995
An improved door pillar assembly for a passenger car coachwork formed as a substantially vertical extruded light metal hollow-section member and having an outer wall to which longitudinally spaced upper and lower hinge lugs are adjustably secured for swivel connection of a vehicle door.
5383987 Cast and assembly method for motor vehicle bodywork January 24, 1995
A cast light metal joining element and method of assembly with adjoining extruded light metal hollow section bearer member of a space frame type vehicle body. The joining element or casting includes at least two spaced apart, location points disposed along a surface wall thereof. The loc
5382071 Motor vehicle with a central pillar constituted by an extruded section January 17, 1995
A center pillar in a motor vehicle constructed of two light metal extruded sections including a first extruded section having one vertical side cut at an acute angled .alpha. over its length and a second extruded section of a uniform cross section. The cut side of the first extruded sect
5372400 Welded joint between substantially mutually perpendicular supporting frame components of a vehic December 13, 1994
The invention concerns an improved welded joint in a vehicle bodywork for connecting two mutually perpendicular extruded aluminum pieces such as a longitudinal bearer or sill and an upstanding B post. According to the invention, the bottom end of the B post is inserted within an opening
5362121 Suspension seating for a vehicle bodywork November 8, 1994
A holder for attachment to the underside of a vehicle bodywork for use as a suspension seating. The holder consists of a twin-chambered, extruded aluminum section, which is generally L-shaped in cross-section, and includes a first substantially upright box section which forms the support
5346276 Bearing structure for the bodywork of a passenger car September 13, 1994
A front end bearing structure for the bodywork of a vehicle of the type including a pair of spaced apart left and right side front longitudinal bearer members, each having an upstanding, substantially perpendicular support member for supporting a suspension strut mount at a location abov
5346275 Rear end of a vehicle body September 13, 1994
An improved rear end design for a vehicle body including a first, upper cross member and a second, lower cross member fitted one over the other to form a compound beam. Each cross member is preferably formed as an aluminum extrusion. The upper cross member has the same contour shape as
5344187 Spring strut mounting assembly of a vehicle body September 6, 1994
A spring strut mounting assembly for fitting on a vehicle body which includes a spring strut having a bearing block mounted at the top end thereof on which elements of the running gear, such as a damper, a spring and link arms, can also be pre-mounted. Support members for attachment to
5332277 Bearer joint for vehicle bodywork July 26, 1994
An improved bearer joint in a vehicle bodywork consisting of extruded light metal bearer members connected together by cast metal joining elements. According to the invention, an end portion of at least one bearer member is received within a concave region of at least one joining element
5324133 Aluminum bearer for a bearer joint in a vehicle body work and method of replacement June 28, 1994
A bearer joint for a vehicle bodywork, and in particular a longitudinal front bearer joint, and a process for placing an aluminum bearer on the bearer joint in the vehicle bodywork. The bearer joint comprises a cast aluminum connector for joining together a first forward bearer and a
5316367 Bearing structure for the bodywork of a vehicle May 31, 1994
The invention comprises a bearing structure for the bodywork of a passenger car wherein front suspension strut mounts are arranged above front longitudinal bearers running down both sides of the vehicle body and are supported by vertical connecting members thereon. A hollow section beare
5269585 Motor vehicle body December 14, 1993
A motor vehicle body assembled from a plurality of metal frame profiles held together by node connector elements. Each metal frame profile includes an extruded metal portion and a pre-shaped sheet metal portion attached thereto to form a portion of the outer skin of the completed mot
5226696 Motor vehicle chassis July 13, 1993
A vehicle chassis constructed of metal frame elements which are joined together by connecting node elements (connectors). The node elements are configured as upwardly open molded pieces (shells) When assembled, a bottom surface portion of each node element is received in conforming n

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