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Tatami; Mitsushige
Kanagawa, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6028904 Signal converting apparatus and method February 22, 2000
Described herein is the converting between a component SDI signal D1 and a composite SDI signal D2. A single memory is prepared. Further, the corresponding signal is written into the memory in accordance with a clock corresponding to a transfer rate of the SDI signal D1 and the corre
4864387 PAL video time base corrector inverts color difference signal (V) axis September 5, 1989
A time base corrector converts an analog input PAL image signal including a certain time base error to digital form and then stores it in a memory by using a write clock signal derived from the input PAL image signal including the time base error. The stored signal is read out from the
4729013 Time base error corrector March 1, 1988
A time base error corrector comprises a chrominance subcarrier phase corrector whereby the subcarrier phase of a video signal is controlled before being written in the buffer memory in such a way that when the video signal is read from the buffer memory on the basis of the reference
4680658 Apparatus for correcting a time base error and for compensating dropouts included in a reproduce July 14, 1987
An apparatus for correcting time base errors and for compensating for dropouts in a reproduced video signal includes a single random access memory for storing digital video data, a correct video data producing circuit connected to the memory for producing correct video data from data
4679005 Phase locked loop with frequency offset July 7, 1987
A phase-locked loop for generating an output signal whose phase is locked onto that of a reference signal and whose frequency is offset in respect to an integral multiple of the reference signal frequency comprises a variable-frequency oscillator the output frequency of which is adapted
4635097 Method and system for processing digital video signal incorporating phase-correction feature January 6, 1987
A method and system for converting an analog video input signal into a digital video signal corrects for jitter and other spurious input frequency errors without the need for a time base correction circuit. The phase of the video input signal relative to a reference pulse signal is m
4393412 Automatic chroma level control circuit for compensating both slow and rapid chroma level changes July 12, 1983
When levels of chrominance signals reproduced from a helical scan video tape recorder are controlled, two types of control signals are generated based on a level of color burst signal of the reproduced chrominance signals. One of the two control signals is responsive to relatively rapid

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