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Tang; Chung L.
Ithaca, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6331990 Demodulating and amplifying systems of lasers with optical gain control (DAS-LOGiC) December 18, 2001
The present invention demodulates a FM, WM or AM optical input beam, amplifies the signal impressed on the beam, and then modulates without intervening electronics the signal amplitude of an output beam. The apparatus can be made from any semiconductor laser, including edge-emitting
5748653 Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers with optical gain control (V-logic) May 5, 1998
The Vertical-cavity-surface-emitting Lasers with Optical Gain Control (V-LOGIC) form a family of integrated optical smart pixels for interconnect and signal processing applications. V-LOGIC devices consist of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) and In-Plane Lasers. (IPL)
5657119 Spectrometry using an optical parametric oscillator August 12, 1997
A thermal lens spectrometer utilizes a continuously tunable optical parametric oscillator (OPO) to provide practical, easy-to-build, reliable spectrometer for measuring a wide variety of sample materials over a wide spectral range. A flow cell is placed in the path of the output beam fro
5579152 Tunable optical parametric oscillator November 26, 1996
A broadly tunable femtosecond optical parametric generator includes a cavity having a pumping section in which is located a nonlinear crystal selected from the group CTA and RTA, cut for noncritical phasematching. The plane of the optical x axis and or the optical y axis of the crystal
5497268 Hermetically sealed polished optical surface March 5, 1996
A method and apparatus for protecting polished surfaces of optical crystals includes placing a thin film of index-matching liquid between the polished surface and an optical flat, and hermetically sealing the liquid in place.
5406408 Intracavity-doubled tunable optical parametric oscillator April 11, 1995
A Ti:sapphire-pumped intracavity-doubled optical parametric oscillator generates up to 240 mW of sub100 femtosecond pulses tunable in the visible. The OPO consists of a 1.5 mm thick KTP crystal configured in a linear or a ring cavity which is synchronously pumped by a self-mode-locke
5383198 Self-starting mode-locked ring cavity laser January 17, 1995
A self-mode-locked ring cavity laser incorporating a laser crystal such as Ti:Sapphire includes an external cavity for producing self-starting of mode-locked operation. The external cavity receives a portion of one of the continuous wave beams from the ring cavity modulates it, and r
5377043 Ti:sapphire-pumped high repetition rate femtosecond optical parametric oscillator December 27, 1994
A broadly tunable femtosecond optical parametric oscillator (OPO) based on KTiOPO.sub.4 is externally pumped by a self-mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser. The laser is capable of continuous tuning from 1.2 micrometers to 1.37 micrometers in the signal branch and 1.8 to 2.15 micrometers in the
5371752 Optical parametric oscillation using KTA nonlinear crystals December 6, 1994
A continuous wave tunable femtosecond optical parametric oscillator includes an oscillator cavity including a pumping cavity. A nonlinear KTiOAsO.sub.4 crystal (KTA) is located in the pumping cavity and is pumped by a Ti:sapphire laser to produce output pulses having widths as short as
5296960 Intracavity-doubled tunable optical parametric oscillator March 22, 1994
A Ti:sapphire-pumped intracavity-doubled optical parametric oscillator generates up to 240 mW of sub100 femtosecond pulses tunable in the visible. The OPO consists of a 1.5 mm thick KTP crystal configured in a ring cavity which is synchronously pumped by a self-mode-locked Ti:sapphir
5172382 Ultrahigh frequency optical self-modulator December 15, 1992
Polarization self-modulation of a laser produces high-frequency optical modulation without the use of high-speed electronics. This is accomplished by inserting into a laser cavity a polarization converter, which rotates the polarization of the laser light periodically as the light passes
5053641 Tunable optical parametric oscillator October 1, 1991
The operation of a .beta.-BaB.sub.2 O.sub.4 optical parametric oscillator is disclosed. The oscillator is tunable in the visible and near infrared. For example, a .beta.-BaB.sub.2 O.sub.4 crystal 10.5.times.10.5 nm.sup.2 .times.11.5 mm, cut at was pumped at 354.7 mm, a
5034951 Femtosecond ultraviolet laser using ultra-thin beta barium borate July 23, 1991
A laser pulse generator utilizes intracavity doubling in an ultrathin beta barium metaborate crystal to produce femtosecond pulses in the ultrashort ultraviolet wavelength range. The generator includes a colliding-pulse passively mode-locked ring dye laser which propagates a pulsed beam
5033057 Pump steering mirror cavity July 16, 1991
An optical parametric oscillator capable of operating in the 0.300 to 0.400 micrometer wavelength range is disclosed. The oscillator includes a cavity defined at its ends by a pair of cavity resonator mirrors. A nonlinear optical crystal is positioned on the optical axis of the cavity
5017806 Broadly tunable high repetition rate femtosecond optical parametric oscillator May 21, 1991
A tunable, singley-resonant optical parametric oscillator provides femtosecond light pulses in the infrared wavelength band. The oscillator includes an internally mounted thin crystal of KTiOPO.sub.4 which is synchronously pumped by femtosecond pulses from a colliding-pulse passively
4639923 Optical parametric oscillator using urea crystal January 27, 1987
A new optical parametric oscillator which employs a urea crystal is disclosed. The organic crystal makes the oscillator broadly tunable, so that the entire spectral range from the ultraviolet to the near infrared is accessible.The urea optical parametric oscillator is angle tunable, and
4537990 Method for growing single crystals of urea August 27, 1985
This invention relates to growing single crystals of urea having increased dimensions on the 110-110 faces by physically restricting growth of the 111 faces of a seed crystal while precipitating urea from a saturated alcoholic solution containing ammonium bromide. In addition, this
4485473 Mode locking of travelling wave ring laser by amplitude modulation November 27, 1984
An amplitude modulator for a tunable ring cavity dye laser is disclosed. The modulator is operated in time synchronization with the laser pump and is located assymetrically within the ring to attenuate dye laser pulses in one direction while passing pulses in the opposite direction, ther
3973219 Very rapidly tuned cw dye laser August 3, 1976
A method and apparatus is described which allows a cw dye laser to be tuned over hundreds of angstroms on a nanosecond time scale in spite of the relatively long cavity decay and build up time. A tuning element is positioned at the mid-point between the reflective mirrors that define the
3961102 Scanning electron microscope fabrication of optical gratings June 1, 1976
A method of making optical gratings by the use of a Scanning Electron Microscope wherein (1) a substrate having a thin film of electron resist thereon is exposed in adjacent areas by an electron dosage and the amount of such dosage and the depth of the thin film are selected such that

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