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Tamura; Yoshimitsu
Chiba, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6249472 Semiconductor memory device with antifuse June 19, 2001
The objective of the invention is to provide a type of semiconductor memory device whose antifuse can be formed without any additional film manufacturing process. A first electrode is formed by a first polysilicon film 37 formed on semiconductor substrate 30 and a second polysilicon film
5679974 Antifuse element and semiconductor device having antifuse elements October 21, 1997
An antifuse element for a semiconductor device, comprising a bottom electrode made from a conductive material containing a refractory metal and a top electrode made from a conductive material containing a fusible metal. The fusible metal is Al, Al alloy, Cu or Ag. The Al alloy contains
5641985 Antifuse element and semiconductor device having antifuse elements June 24, 1997
Antifuse elements for a semiconductor device comprise a bottom electrode, a top electrode, and an antifuse material layer. The bottom electrode is formed of a conductive material having an amorphous structure. The conductive material contains such elements as W, Ti, or a compound the
5565702 Antifuse element, semiconductor device having antifuse elements, and method for manufacturing th October 15, 1996
An antifuse element provided on a semiconductor device comprises a bottom electrode, an antifuse material layer, and a top electrode. At least the uppermost portion of the bottom electrode is made of metallic silicide in which the metal composition ratio is set to greater than the stoich

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