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Tamai; Yasumasa
Hitachi, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5977515 Underwater laser processing device including chamber with partitioning wall November 2, 1999
An underwater laser processing system has a laser torch; a laser torch driving mechanism for changing a laser emission position of the laser torch; and a chamber with one end opened to an external environment, which contains the laser torch; wherein a partitioning wall for preventing
5938954 Submerged laser beam irradiation equipment August 17, 1999
A submerged laser beam irradiation equipment provides a high quality submerged laser beam processing of a submerged workpiece using only a small amount of a gas. The submerged laser beam irradiation equipment has: a focus lens for focusing a laser beam; a mirror tube which houses the
5674419 Method for weld repairing of structures in nuclear reactors October 7, 1997
Disclosed is a highly reliable weld repairing method to repair a crack defect in structures and apparatus inside pressure vessels of nuclear reactors, while preventing generation of new crack defects in the structures and apparatus during the repairing. These structures and apparatus
5494539 Metal member quality improving method by spot welding February 27, 1996
By applying spot welding along a crack which has occurred in an austenitic stainless steel structure without use of welding material so that spot welds are connected, melting and solidifying of the crack can be achieved, thereby to provide a metal structure which is rich with delta ferri
5305361 Method of and apparatus for water-jet peening April 19, 1994
A water jet peening method in which a pressurized water jet flow containing cavities is jetted through a nozzle having a velocity increasing orifice portion and a horn-like jetting hole formed continuously with the velocity increasing orifice portion to impinge against a surface of a met
5022936 Method for improving property of weld of austenitic stainless steel June 11, 1991
A method for improving a property of a weld of an austenitic stainless steel which is a part of a structure being brought into contact with a corrosive fluid at a region having been affected by welding heat on both of opposed surfaces, comprising the steps of: cooling said thermally
4601872 Water sealing device for use in replacing control rod drive housing July 22, 1986
A water sealing device suitable for use when a control rod drive housing welded to a stub tube and extends through a wall of a reactor pressure vessel is replaced, singly or with the stub tube, by a new one, including a sealing cylinder temporarily inserted in a control rod guide tube
4440339 Method of repairing housing of control rod driving system April 3, 1984
A method of repairing the housing of a control rod driving system of a nuclear reactor, the housing being inserted through the wall of a pressure vessel of the reactor into a cylindrical sleeve secured to the inner surface of the vessel, which housing is jointed by welding to the cyl
4262517 Method of correcting distorted pipe end April 21, 1981
In a method of correcting a distorted pipe end to an original substantially true circular cross-section, external loads are applied to the outer peripheral surface of the pipe adjacent to the end thereof to forcibly deform the pipe end to the substantially true circular cross-section. Th
4247037 Method for welding tubular members of stainless steel January 27, 1981
In welding tubular members of stainless steel, metal is deposited by build-up welding on a portion of the inner surface of each tubular member adjacent an edge thereof where welding gives a heat affection and exposed to a corrosive fluid when in service, and melting a portion of the inne

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