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Takeo; Hiroshi
Kawasaki, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5475383 Cross-point type switch using common memories December 12, 1995
A cross-point type switch includes a plurality of basic elements arranged in rows and columns so as to form a matrix arrangement of the basic elements. Each of the basic elements includes a plurality of input ports, output ports, expanded input ports and expanded output ports. A write/re
5465348 Trouble diagnosis system of UPC circuit November 7, 1995
A UPC circuit fault diagnosis system for diagnosing a failure in a UPC circuit controls cell traffic volume on the basis of prescribed information about cell traffic. Failure diagnosis of a UPC circuit is provided by a usage parameter determination of at least one kind of cell, using
5432713 Usage parameter control circuit for effecting policing control in an ATM network July 11, 1995
A usage parameter control circuit for effecting a policing control in an ATM transmission network, comprising a time interval measuring unit for measuring a time interval between a current arrival time of a cell to be judged, and an arrival time of a cell which arrived a reference thresh
5303231 Switch coupled between input and output ports in communication system April 12, 1994
A switch includes a plurality of memories respectively having write terminals connected to input ports and output terminals, each of the memories including an input acknowledgement signal generating block for generating an input acknowledgement signal when data is received thereto. A
5185741 Inter-network connecting system February 9, 1993
An inter-network connecting system comprising a main network having an exchange function and a subnetwork having no exchange function, to improve the expandability, economy, and efficiency of the subnetwork. When an extension line communication which is a communication in the subnetwork
5166675 Communication system carrying out polling for request and data simultaneously and in parallel November 24, 1992
A communication system containing a master station and a plurality of slave stations. The master station receives a request from one of the plurality of slave stations and memorizes one or more requests from one or more slave stations. The master station also sends a request sending allo
4849995 Digital signal transmission system having frame synchronization operation July 18, 1989
A digital signal transmission system includes a synchronization pattern detection circuit for detecting a synchronization pattern in response to a received transmitted digital signal, a pseudo synchronization detection circuit for detecting a pseudo synchronization pattern in the form of

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