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Takeda; Kenji
Kyoto, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5728761 Polylactic acid-based resin composition and use therefor March 17, 1998
The polylactic acid-based resin composition includes (a) (i) 100 parts by weight of a poly-L-lactic acid; or (ii) 100 parts by weight of a poly-DL-lactic acid comprising L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid as its constituting units; and (b) 5 to 120 parts by weight of at least one of low
5543113 Gas analyzing apparatus August 6, 1996
For an exhaust analyzer, the factors causing turbulence and mixing of the sample gas are removed from the sample gas-introducing pipe in order to introduce the sample gas into the analyzer cell under laminar conditions. Further, the indicated changes resulting from the fluctuations of sa
4885469 Infrared gas analyzer December 5, 1989
An infrared gas analyzer reduces influenced results from interfering gases by utilizing a first filter system intermediate a light source and a gas cell in which the sample is located. The filter system passes light having wavelengths within absorption bands of the gas to be measured. It
4794255 Absorption analyzer December 27, 1988
The absorption analyzer of the type provided with light sources (3a, 3b), cells (1, 2) containing a reference gas and an ingredient gas to be measured, respectively and a detector (5) for determining the absorption of the light emanating from the light sources and passing through the
4719352 Apparatus for intermitting beam of light for use in gas analyzer January 12, 1988
An apparatus for intermitting beams of light for use in a gas analyzer in which a rotary shaft of a chopper is supported by first and second ball bearings. An outside ring of the first ball bearing is fixedly mounted on a bearing housing and either an inside ring or an outside ring of th

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