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Takahashi; Kazunobu
Kanagawa, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7993628 Higher fatty acid triester and amide derivative having diethylenetriamine-type metal chelate str August 9, 2011
A compound having superior solubility and suitable for a liposome contrast medium selective for a lesion such as vascular diseases is provided which is represented by the following general formula (I) wherein R.sup.1 to R.sup.3 represent an alkyl group or alkenyl group; X.sup.1 and X
7948528 Gain calculating device May 24, 2011
A more preferable WB gain is calculated during strobe illuminated photography. When a WB gain for an image captured through strobe illuminated photography is calculated, the degree of contribution of strobe light is first estimated. When the degree of contribution is estimated, the i
7887835 Compound comprising a fluorine-substituted alkyl group and a liposome contrast medium comprising February 15, 2011
A steroid ester compound of a terminally-fluorinated alkyl fatty acid, a steroid compound having bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl group, a phosphatidylserine compound having a terminally-fluorinated alkyl group, a glyceride compound having bis(trifluoromethyl phenyl group, or a glyceride c
7688358 Image capturing apparatus and white balance processing apparatus March 30, 2010
There is provided a technique of preventing occurrence of a shift in white balance even when the ratio of a dark area is greater than the ratio of a bright area as in the case of a night view. A white balance gain calculator calculates white balance gains for an image from color of p
7371877 Glycerol ester derivative May 13, 2008
A compound represented by the following general formula (IA) or a salt thereof: ##STR00001## wherein Ar.sup.1 represents hydrogen atom or an aryl group having at least one iodine atom as a substituent; Ar.sup.2 represents an aryl group having at least one iodine atom as a substituen
6368807 Threading intercalator having oxidation-reduction activity April 9, 2002
A compound of the following formula:in which each of Ea and Eb independently is a group having oxidation-reduction activity and having a conjugated system in its group; X is a divalent cyclic group; and each of La and Lb independently is a group which does not form a conjugated system in

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