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Szczublewski; Francis E.
Macomb, MI
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7917111 Method and system for monitoring broadcast audio programs from the beginning of the programs March 29, 2011
A method and system for monitoring broadcast programs from the beginning of the programs is provided. The system includes a tuner configured to receive and decode broadcast signals and provide programming as an output. The system also includes a buffer coupled to the tuner that store
7664456 System and method for streaming data between a portable server computing device and a client com February 16, 2010
A system and a method for streaming data between a portable server computing device and a client computing device are provided. The method includes transmitting an RF signal having streaming data from a first audio file from the portable server computing device to a client computing
7580325 Utilizing metadata to improve the access of entertainment content August 25, 2009
Although current radio receivers support playback of audio from multiple sources, none support easy searching for content across these sources. There is no mechanism for locating specific content independent of the source that it is found on. The invention is to have an entertainment
7346319 Method and apparatus for audio recall March 18, 2008
A system for use in a radio receiver that provides quick access to previously selected audio includes processor logic that evaluates at least a first user-selected audio that has been previously enabled and a second user-selected audio that is currently enabled. An input controller i
7021127 Self-powered wireless sensor assembly for sensing angular position of the engine crankshaft in a April 4, 2006
A self-powered, wireless sensor assembly is provided for sensing crankshaft position of an engine comprising a rotatable flywheel having a ring gear. The sensor assembly includes an electromagnetic sensor responsive to structural features on the ring gear when the ring gear rotates.
7006807 Electronic broadcast radio skip protection February 28, 2006
Transitory audio information that is subject to interruption is provided without loss of content. Transitory audio information received from an audio source is audibly provided until an interrupt signal is received. The transitory audio information is buffered while a message associated
6786084 Sensor assembly and method for non-intrusively sensing instantaneous speed of the engine of a ve September 7, 2004
Sensor assembly and method for non-intrusively sensing instantaneous speed of an engine are provided. The engine includes a crankshaft have a respective end connected to an externally accessible bolt. The sensor assembly comprises a housing including a recess configured to affixingly

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