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Suzuki; Takehiro
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6763838 Device for detecting a filling density of filler forming a rod-shaped article July 20, 2004
A device for detecting a shredded tobacco filling density in a tobacco rod includes four light sources (18, 20, 22 and 24) arranged separately from one another at an angle of around a tobacco rod (T) and causing infrared rays to enter the tobacco rod (T), two light receivers (
6174977 Cold curable resin composition and base material coated with the same January 16, 2001
Disclosed is a cold curable resin composition comprising at least a block copolymer in which a polymer portion having an epoxy group, a hydroxyl group and a hydrolytic silyl group and a polyorganosiloxane portion exist in the same molecular chain. A base material coated with the curable
5967146 Shredded tobacco supplying apparatus for a cigarette manufacturing machine October 19, 1999
A shredded tobacco supplying apparatus for a cigarette manufacturing machine has a supply passage extending toward a conveyor belt, the supply passage is provided with a plurality of air blowing openings arranged at intervals in the direction perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the
5746810 Aqueous emulsion of alkylalkoxysilane, process for the production thereof, and use thereof May 5, 1998
An aqueous emulsion of alkylalkoxysilane which has a stable emulsion state for a long period of time and is useful as an infiltrative preventer of water absorption into a porous inorganic construction material, the emulsion containing an alkylalkoxysilane, water and an emulsifier, wherei
5718249 Shredded tobacco supplying apparatus for a cigarette manufacturing machine February 17, 1998
A shredded tobacco supplying apparatus for a cigarette manufacturing machine has a running speed sensor for detecting the belt running speed of a belt conveyor for conveying shredded tobacco, a blow fan for producing an air flow in a shredded tobacco supply passage extending toward the b
5657850 Apparatus for receiving rod members August 19, 1997
A receiving apparatus for cigarettes having a catcher drum rotatable in one direction, a large number of receiving grooves formed in the outer peripheral surface of the catcher drum, each receiving groove being tunnel-shaped and permitting a received double cigarette to advance, a st
5556915 Water-based organosilicon composition September 17, 1996
An infiltration-type water-based organosilicon composition having excellent performance as a water absorption preventer for construction materials and being stable as an emulsion, which is prepared by emulsifying alkylalkoxysilane and/or its condensate in water in the presence of (a) an
5526827 System for monitoring the quantity of cut tobacco in cigarettes June 18, 1996
A monitoring system comprises an inspection device incorporated in a cigarette manufacturing machine and a server computer connected to the inspection device by means of a communication line. The inspection device includes a measuring circuit for continuously calculating the fill of the
5503166 Dilution monitoring system for filter cigarettes April 2, 1996
A dilution monitoring system for filter cigarettes has pairs of pressure sensors provided individually for left- and right-hand manufactured filter cigarettes, a dilution processor card adapted to receive pressure signals from the pressure sensors through an A/D converter, and a server c
5469869 Web delivery apparatus for a cigarette manufacturing machine and a delivery method therefor November 28, 1995
An apparatus for carrying out a web delivery method is designed so that a web is delivered from a freely rotatable web roll to be supplied to a cigarette manufacturing machine as a pulling roller rotates. This apparatus has a powder brake for applying a braking force to the web roll,
5226954 Organosilicon composition July 13, 1993
An organosilicon composition comprising 99.9 to 50% by weight of an alkylalkoxysilane and/or a condensate thereof and 0.1 to 50% by weight of an emulsifier mixture containing 0.01 to 20% by weight, based on the total amount of the emulsifier mixture, of an anionic emulsifier and 80 to
4711316 Guidance system for unmanned transporting vehicle December 8, 1987
A guidance system for an unmanned transporting vehicle which runs along a guide track. The guide track is composed of a belt-shaped light reflective material and laid out on a floor or the like. The unmanned transporting vehicle has two rows of photodetectors longitudinally arranged ther

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