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Suzuki; Kazuya
Kobe, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7493929 Pneumatic tire February 24, 2009
A pneumatic tire to be mounted on a rim, comprises a pair of bead portions each having a bead core therein, wherein in a meridian section of the tire under a non-mounted state that the tire is not mounted on the rim but the bead portions are held such that the bead width is equal to the
7475714 Pneumatic tire with outer carcass ply comprising circumferentially spaced pieces January 13, 2009
A pneumatic tire comprises a tread portion, a pair of sidewall portions, a pair of bead portions each having a bead core therein, a carcass comprising an inner ply and an outer ply, the inner ply comprising a main portion extending between the bead cores through the sidewall portions
7334618 Pneumatic tire with tread having cap layer and spaced apart base layers February 26, 2008
A tread (14) of a tire (10) includes a tread rubber layer (16). The tread rubber layer (16) has a two-layer structure including a base layer (23) and a cap layer (24). The base layer (23) is provided with a comb-shaped convex portion (26). The convex portion (26) is formed like a circle
7237588 Pneumatic tire including zigzag sipes July 3, 2007
A pneumatic tire includes a tread portion provided in a tread face thereof with tread elements each provided with at least one zigzag sipe, a cap tread rubber defining the tread face, and a base tread rubber disposed radially inside the cap tread rubber, wherein the zigzag sipe comprises
7201196 Run-flat tire April 10, 2007
A run-flat tire comprises a carcass comprising at least one carcass ply of cords extending between a pair of bead portions through a tread portion and sidewall portions, a sidewall reinforcing rubber layer disposed in each sidewall portion and tapering towards its radially inner end and
7191812 Pneumatic tire March 20, 2007
A pneumatic tire, comprising a bead part (4) having a bead reinforcement layer (10) continuously extending from the inside part (10a) of a bead core (5) positioned on the axial inside of the tire to the outside part (10c) thereof on the axial outside of the tire through a bottom part
7188651 Pneumatic tire with tread having cap layer and base layer March 13, 2007
A tread (12) of a tire (10) has a two-layer structure. The tread (12) includes a base layer (23) provided on an inside in a radial direction and a cap layer (24) provided on an outside in the radial direction. The outer peripheral surface of the cap layer (24) constitutes a tread sur
7156138 Pneumatic tire with belt ply having composite topping rubber layer January 2, 2007
A pneumatic tire includes a carcass extending between bead portions through a tread portion and sidewall portions and a belt disposed radially outside the carcass in the tread portion, the belt constituting at least one belt ply made of parallel cords embedded in a composite topping
7128942 Vehicle tire October 31, 2006
A vehicle tire provided with a protective film which covers a surface of the tire is disclosed, wherein the protective film is indicative of at least one of tire data including tire conicity and radial force variation of the tire and can be washed away with water. Also a method of fittin
7128114 Pneumatic tire and method of manufacturing the tire October 31, 2006
A carcass 7 includes first and second carcass plies 9 and 10. The first carcass ply 9 has a body portion 9A extending from a tread portion 2 to a bead core 5 through a sidewall portion 3, and a wound up portion 9B which is folded back from inside to outside around the bead core 5. The bo
7060145 Method of making pneumatic tire June 13, 2006
In a method of making a pneumatic tire which comprises a tire main body and a tread rubber with axial edges, the inside diameter of the tread rubber being smaller at the axial edges than in the intermediate portion, the tire main body including an underlying component on which the axial
7021351 Bead core of pneumatic tire April 4, 2006
A bead core for pneumatic tires comprised of a ring-like bead core main body 11 in which a single bead wire 10 is wound in a multi-seriate and multi-staged manner and provided with angular portions P on an outer peripheral surface S in a meridian section thereof, and staple fittings
6991014 Pneumatic tire comprising cap and base and spirally wound cord January 31, 2006
A pneumatic tire comprises a tread rubber disposed radially outside a tread reinforcing belt, the tread rubber includes a radially outmost cap tread rubber and a radially inner base tread rubber, wherein the base tread rubber includes a central base tread rubber centered on the tire
6932589 Mold for a pneumatic tire August 23, 2005
A mold for a pneumatic tire which contains a pair of bead portions, a pair of sidewall portions and a tread portion provided with a tread pattern formed by repeating a pattern unit around the tire at plural kinds of pitches in a sequence, wherein the mold includes a sidewall molding
6834698 Pneumatic radial tire December 28, 2004
A pneumatic radial tire comprising a carcass, a belt layer, and a bead apex rubber. The carcass includes an inner carcass ply and an outer carcass ply that passes outside of the inner carcass. The bead portions are provided with a U-shaped first bead reinforcing layer and a second bead r
6719026 Pneumatic tire having tread including pair of axially outer base rubber layers April 13, 2004
A pneumatic tire comprises a tread rubber disposed radially outside a belt, the tread rubber comprising an axially inner base rubber layer, a pair of axially outer base rubber layers, and a radially outer tread rubber layer. The axially inner base rubber layer is disposed on the radially
6688358 Pneumatic tire February 10, 2004
A pneumatic tire comprises a pair of sidewall portions each provided on the axially outer surface thereof with a side protector, the side protector comprising at least two concentric ribs and at least one circumferential groove defined therebetween, the circumferential groove composed of
6609550 Runflat tire with steel cord bead reinforcing layer August 26, 2003
A pneumatic tire comprises a rubber bead apex extending radially outwards from a bead core; a carcass composed of an inside carcass ply and an outside carcass ply, the inside carcass ply turned up around the bead core in each bead portion from the tire inside to the tire outside to form

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