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Suthers; Mark S.
Lanark, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5867061 Transformer coupled stacked power amplifier February 2, 1999
A stacked power amplifier is provided in which an input signal is independently coupled to each of a series of amplifying devices in the stack. A transformer is used at the input circuit of each device to create an RF swing across each amplifying device which is substantially equal.
5365138 Double mode surface wave resonators November 15, 1994
A double mode surface wave resonator comprises two IDTs (inter-digital transducers), arranged side by side between reflection gratings, on a surface of a piezoelectric substrate to provide for coupling of surface waves therebetween, each IDT having interleaved electrodes extending from
5122767 Saw device tapped delay lines June 16, 1992
A SAW (surface acoustic wave) device tapped delay line comprises a continuous pattern of bifurcated inter-digital fingers having a constant pitch of .lambda./2 and forming a first IDT (inter-digital transducer), a plurality of second IDTs, substantially identical to one another and a
5051709 Saw device tapped delay line and equalizer September 24, 1991
A SAW device tapped delay line includes an apodized input IDT (inter-digital transducer) and a plurality of substantially identical unapodized output IDTs arranged to receive, after delays which successively increase by an amont T, a SAW propagated from the input IDT. Each output IDT
5019742 Saw device with apodized IDT May 28, 1991
A SAW (surface acoustic wave) device includes a substrate having thereon at least one apodized IDT (inter-digital transducer). The axis of the apodization pattern is inclined towards a driven conductive rail of the IDT at the ends of the pattern, whereby the driven end fingers have a low
4814658 SAW device with continuous finger pattern March 21, 1989
A SAW device includes aligned IDTs (inter-digital transducers) with a continuous pattern of fingers between their front edges. Each IDT may be symmetrical about its center, and includes front and back edge reflection suppressing regions of fingers of successively decreasing length, which
4684841 Saw devices including resistive films August 4, 1987
Each IDT (inter-digital transducer) of a SAW (surface acoustic wave) device is formed on a thin resistive doped silicon film having the same pattern as the IDT, which improves adhesion of the IDT to the substrate. The silicon film also constitutes electroacoustic absorbers between the ID
4642507 Saw devices with reflection-suppressing fingers February 10, 1987
Each IDT (inter-digital transducer) of a SAW (surface acoustic wave) device has a linearly tapered back edge formed by reflection-suppressing fingers of successively decreasing length spaced apart with a pitch of lambda/4 behind the active region of the IDT, where lambda is the wavelengt
4539502 Magnetic feedthrough cancelling surface acoustic wave device September 3, 1985
A surface acoustic wave (SAW) device has an input interdigitated transducer (IDT) and an output IDT. One of the transducers is formed as two loops which are interconnected so that unwanted magnetic feedthrough voltages induced in or by such current loops cancel, while currents producing
4488126 Equalizer arrangement for mixed-gauge cables December 11, 1984
An equalizer arrangement comprises a fixed-characteristic equalizer which is supplemented by a variable-amplitude notch equalizer to enable proper equalization of signals transmitted via cables of arbitrarily mixed cable gauges. Automatic control of the notch amplitude is provided by det
4405874 Surface acoustic wave (saw) devices having series-connected inter-digital transducers September 20, 1983
To enable increased power coupling into a SAW device for which voltage breakdown is a limiting factor in determining the maximum power which can be coupled, each transducer of the SAW device is replaced by a plurality of series-connected inter-digital transducers (IDTs). For operation in

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