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Sung; Dan Keun
Daejeon, KR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8279744 Method of selecting antennas and transmitting data in multi-input multi-output wireless local ar October 2, 2012
In a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) wireless local area network (WLAN) system, a method is provided for selecting at least one antenna from a plurality of antennas and transmitting a data frame from a station to an access point via the selected antenna or antennas. A method for
8145252 Method for inter-cell interference mitigation for a mobile communication system March 27, 2012
A method for reducing inter-cell interference (ICI) in a mobile communication system controls transmission signal power of an uplink signal from a terminal based on signal power measurement for a signal received from a base station of a neighboring cell. A terminal receives a signal
8102952 Method for interference control by an ultra-wideband wireless communication system in a multi-us January 24, 2012
An Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless communication system in a multi-user environment determines a threshold value to eliminate a signal pulse affected by a near-interference from among a plurality of signal pulses transmitted a number of times. A method for controlling an interference i
8085722 Resource allocation method in orthogonal frequency division multiple access wireless systems December 27, 2011
A resource allocation method in orthogonal frequency division multiple access wireless systems includes: setting, for each of terminals, data transmission factors including a resource location selection scheme; and determining, for each frame, locations of resources to be allocated to
7890130 Method for controlling inter-cell interference in a mobile communication system February 15, 2011
A method for controlling inter-cell interference (ICI) in a mobile communication system by transmitting uplink control information from a base station in a home cell to a terminal of a neighboring cell based on ICI amount information measured at the base station. The ICI control meth
7826475 Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus and radio communication method for UWB November 2, 2010
Provided is a radio communication system for ultra wideband (UWB) impulse communications and a radio communication apparatus and method thereof. The present patent provides a radio communication system that can minimize power consumption by eliminating a need for carrier detection an
7738510 Digital communication method and system June 15, 2010
This invention is concerned with a transmission control method and apparatus in a collision interval for a collision of multidimensional hopping patterns. In the present invention, each orthogonal wireless resource in the coordinate of the multidimensional orthogonal resource can hop
7522527 Scalable crossbar matrix switch and arbitration method thereof April 21, 2009
Disclosed is a configuration method and device for a two-dimensional expandable crossbar matrix switch for application to tera-level high-speed and large-capacity switches. The present invention includes N input ports, N output ports, and an N.times.N matrix switch for transmitting c
6023469 Idle address controller for shared buffer type ATM switch February 8, 2000
An idle address controller for a shared buffer type ATM switch controls the addresses of output cells in a common memory to be stored directly in an idle address buffer without passing through the conventional idle address delay controller, by improving the idle address control scheme of

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