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Sumiya; Hitoshi
Itami, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8226922 High-hardness conductive diamond polycrystalline body and method of producing the same July 24, 2012
A diamond sintered body conventionally used in a cutting tool or the like includes an iron group metal element as a sintering aid, and therefore has a problem in heat resistance. A diamond sintered body not including the iron group metal, on the other hand, does not have sufficient m
7404399 Diamond tool, synthetic single crystal diamond and method of synthesizing single crystal diamond July 29, 2008
Various types of diamond tools are provided by utilizing the fact that a synthetic single crystal diamond for use in a tool having a nitrogen content of 3 ppm or less exhibits an enhanced hardness in a (100) plane in a <111> direction and simultaneously the reduction in defects.
6129900 Process for the synthesis of diamond October 10, 2000
A colorless and transparent, substantially inclusion-free diamond crystal which can be applied to decorative uses and optical parts is synthesized by a process using a temperature gradient method in an ultra-high pressure apparatus. This process comprises using, as a solvent for the grow
6030595 Process for the production of synthetic diamond February 29, 2000
A high purity synthetic diamond with less impurities, crystals defects, strains, etc. can be provided, in which the nitrogen content is at most 10 ppm, preferably at most 0.1 ppm and the boron content is at most 1 ppm, preferably at most 0.1 ppm or in which nitrogen atoms and boron atoms
5912217 Diamond sintered body and a process for the production of the same, tools and abrasive grains us June 15, 1999
An improved diamond sintered body having an excellent breakage resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance and capable of being sintered at a relatively low pressure and low temperature can be provided. The feature thereof consists in a diamond sintered body
5908503 Low defect density diamond single crystal and a process for the production of the same June 1, 1999
A colorless, transparent low defect density, synthetic type IIa diamond single crystal, in which the etch pits due to needle-shaped defects are at most 3.times.10.sup.5 pieces/cm.sup.2, and which can be applied to uses needing high crystallinity of diamond, for example, monochromators,
5769176 Diamond sintered compact and a process for the production of the same June 23, 1998
The present invention provides a diamond sintered compact having a higher strength as well as more excellent heat resistance, breakage resistance and corrosion resistance, as compared with those of the prior art, which thus can effectively be applied to tool materials for cutting or poli
5569921 Infrared optical part and measuring instrument October 29, 1996
Using a synthetic diamond as the material of a prism allows ATR spectral analysis to be conducted only by pushing it into contact with a measuring object for measurement at places with poor environment, measurement of structures themselves, or measurement of samples sticking to cloths or
5332629 Boron nitride system including an hBN starting material with a catalyst and a sintered cNB body July 26, 1994
A boron nitride system starts with an hBN material and yields a directly converted sintered cBN body having a high heat conductivity within the range of at least 4 W/ to about 6.2 W/ For this purpose the hBN starting material of the system has diffused therein a
5194070 Process for production of diamond abrasive grains March 16, 1993
Diamond abrasive grains are produced by a process which comprises steps of: regularly arranging a plurality of diamond crystal seeds on a first metal solvent plate, stacking a second solvent metal plate on the first solvent metal plate so that the diamond crystal seeds are sandwiched by
4772575 Method of manufacturing sintered compact of cubic boron nitride September 20, 1988
A sintered compact of cubic boron nitride is made by adsorbing and/or diffusing 0.005 to 1.000 percent by weight of water into a boron nitride compact containing alkaline earth metal boron nitride as a catalyst. The so prepared compact is then subjected to a treatment under high pressure
4699687 Method of synthesizing cubic system boron nitride October 13, 1987
Cubic system boron nitride crystals are synthesized by using a synthesizing vessel separated into a plurality of synthesizing chambers by one or more partition layers. After preparing the synthesizing vessel it is heated under extra-high pressure to achieve a required temperature gradien

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