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Suga; Shigeru
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4627287 Light-resistance tester for maintaining uniform temperature at surface of sample December 9, 1986
A light resistance tester for maintaining a uniform temperature of the surface of a sample being tested has a testing chamber, a light source mounted in the center of the testing chamber, an annular sample mounting frame positioned around the light source and rotatable around the light
4613235 Method and apparatus for measuring gloss which correlates well with visually estimated gloss September 23, 1986
A method and apparatus for measuring the gloss of a surface of a material by receiving light reflected from the surface and measuring the amount of light. Parallel light rays from a light source are directed against the surface the gloss of which is to be determined at an angle of incide
4544995 Apparatus for testing light fastness of a material October 1, 1985
An apparatus for testing light fastness of a material having a housing with a test chamber therein and two downwardly and outwardly inclined specimen supporting walls on opposite sides of the chamber and two rows of horizontally positioned equal intensity ultraviolet fluorescent lamps on
4519716 Device for testing combustability May 28, 1985
A device which simulates the burning of an elongated smoking product such as a cigarette, for testing the combustability of an article. The device includes a rod-shaped resistive heating element, the length and cross section of which are the same as those of the product whose burning
4232971 Integrating sphere type standard light source device November 11, 1980
An integrating sphere type standard light source has a spherical shell the inner surface of which is coated with a white coating having a high reflectivity. The shell has a light source aperture in the top thereof, a viewing aperture in the side thereof and a specimen exposure aperture i
4196611 Testing apparatus for determining abrasion resistance of a surface April 8, 1980
A test apparatus for determining the abrasion resistance of the surface of a sample to be tested. The sample is placed with the surface to be tested facing downwardly through an aperture in a sample support, an abrasion wheel is positioned beneath the sample and urged upwardly against th
4184096 Weather resistance and light fastness tester with cooled xenon lamp January 15, 1980
A light fastness and weather resistance testing apparatus which has a testing tank, a hollow shaft rotatably mounted in the center of the testing tank, a sample frame mounted on the hollow shaft and extending beyond one end of said hollow shaft, a motor connected to the shaft for rot
4142127 Control means for controlling the position of an electrode in a carbon arc lamp February 27, 1979
An improved control system for controlling the position of an upper electrode in a carbon arc lamp. The system has a pulley with a line thereover, and a solenoid core is attached to one end of the line and is movable vertically in a solenoid coil connected in the circuit for supplyin
4125328 Apparatus for measuring reflectivity and transmissivity of a specimen November 14, 1978
An apparatus for measuring reflectivity or transmissivity of a specimen has a source of light fixed to a base, a variable angle specimen frame receiving the light in a narrow beam and transmitting it or reflecting it, a light receiving unit movable around the specimen receiving frame for
4114813 Three-dimensional atomizing spray tower September 19, 1978
A spray tower for use in spraying a liquid, particularly a corrosive liquid which is used to test the corrosion resistance of test samples, includes a vertically extending cylinder having an open upper end. Liquid is injected into a lower portion of the cylinder, and a gas is injected th
4114067 Electrode operating mechanism for carbon arc lamp September 12, 1978
An improved electrode operating mechanism for control of the discharge of carbon arc lamps for light fastness testing devices. Vertically spaced upper and lower electrode holders have a plurality of electrodes opposed to each other. Two vertical supports extend between upper and lower ba

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