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Sueri; Stefano
Catania, IT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6127723 Integrated device in an emitter-switching configuration October 3, 2000
An integrated device in an emitter-switching configuration comprises a first bipolar transistor having a base region, an emitter region, and a collector region, a second transistor having a charge-collection terminal connected to an emitter terminal of the first transistor, and a quenchi
6084286 Integrated device in an emitter switching configuration and with a cellular structure July 4, 2000
An integrated device comprises a high-voltage transistor and a low-voltage transistor in an emitter-switching configuration integrated in a chip (400) of semiconductor material comprising a buried P-type region (120) and a corresponding P-type contact region (405) which delimit a portion
5986411 IC for implementing the function of a DIAC diode November 16, 1999
The present invention relates to an integrated circuit adapted to perform the function of a diode of the DIAC type, the circuit having an input terminal and an output terminal. The circuit includes a first input transistor having a first terminal connected to a fixed voltage reference,
5735254 Circuit for detecting an overvoltage on a switched inductive load April 7, 1998
A circuit for use with an ignition system to enable detection of an overvoltage condition in the primary winding of an ignition coil caused by opening of a power switch connected to the primary winding. The circuit senses the overvoltage condition by comparing the voltage on the primary
5636097 Protective circuit for semiconductor power device June 3, 1997
A circuit is provided for protecting against an increase in collector current for an integrated circuit containing a power switching device. The power device drives an inductive load connected to a power supply, and is connected to a control circuit for switching the power device on and
5617046 Generation of a diagnostic signal when the current through a power transistor reaches a level cl April 1, 1997
A diagnostic signal, indicative of the reaching of a predefined level, lower than a fixed maximum limit value, by the current flowing through a power transistor, is generated while employing a single comparator of a reference voltage with the voltage present across a sensing resistance,
5424666 Control circuit for slowly turning off a power transistor June 13, 1995
A control circuit for slowly turning off a solid-state power transistor, particularly for inductive loads, comprising means for limiting the load current flowing through the switch, and timing and control circuits to ensure, irrespective of the duration of a command pulse, slowed turn-of
5424665 Power transistor driving circuit June 13, 1995
A driving circuit is provided for a power transistor connected to an inductive load. A detection resistor is placed between ground and the emitter of the power transistor. The driving circuit has a first portion which is capable of generating a first current which is a non-linear fun
5142218 Power supply circuit for direct voltage regulators with step-up switching configuraton August 25, 1992
The circuit switches the power supply of the integrated circuit over to the input voltage of the switching regulator during the initial starting phase, and over to the output of said regulator once the steady state has been reached.

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